tly with Celis White after 1 month in bottle.

Color was almost exactly the same and both had pure white heads. However, the Celis had a longer lasting head. My clone was much drier and lacked the sweet fruitiness found in the actual Celis white. Comparing the two beers, I liked the actual Celis better because of its sweetness and fruit flavor which my clone only has hints of.



Step infusion mash with 1 hr at 124 F; 1 hr 10 min at 145 to 150 F; mash out at 160 and sparge at 160 with 1.5 h sparge to get 6 .75 gallons. Used 1.3 oz of Tetnang. pellet AA 4.3 for 70 min boil, 1/2 oz bitter orange peel last 20 min of boil; last 5 min added 1.25 oz of coriander seed (crushed); and about 0.5 oz of Saaz pellets. Chilled and pitched with Wyeast 3944. (5 gallons with o.g. 1.040). Fermented between 70 to 74 F. Racked 8 days later with gravity at 1.011. Bottled with 120 grams of dextrose at f.g. of 1.011. Added 5 ml of 88% lactic acid to last 2.25 gallons bottled.

Notes: Sparge went beautifully with no problems. Hard time grinding coriander seeds with mortar and pestle.