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Over 1000 other recipes can be found in The Cat's Meow.

Welcome to Gambrinus' Mug, a user based recipe exchange. This recipe collection differs from The Cat's Meow recipe collection in that readers may add recipes to any category below. When a recipes is added, it instantly becomes viewable on the Web, so be sure you post it in the right category and that it is as correct as possible before submitting it.

The number following a category, is the current number of recipes in the the database for that category. This is updated with each new recipe addition.

There is also search engine available, but it is only updated once an hour, so recipes that are posted will not be in the search engine until the next update.

Adding A Recipe

To add a recipe, follow a link in a primary category from the list below. If you have a recipe that falls outside these set categories, then by all means, email us at
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