About Gambrinus' Mug

The Gambrinus' Mug recipe database was created to allow users to post their recipes to share with other Web users. This collection of recipes differs greatly from The Cat's Meow 3. The recipes found in The Cat's Meow were compiled from the Homebrew Digest, and the newsgroup, rec.crafts.brewing, and then some were directly submitted. The time required to edit the recipe and add it to The Cat's Meow collection could sometimes take up to 6 months (and longer in a few cases). There has been greater and greater call for an interactive collection and Gambrinus' Mug is our answer to this need. With Gambrinus' Mug, anyone can post their favorite recipe and have it instantly available for other users to share.

Posting recipes

We have spent a fair amount of time in designing the category structure to ease the searching of a specific style of beer. You will notice that you can only post recipes when you have reached the recipe section for a particular style. So please be sure you first visit the proper style section of the collection prior to posting a recipe. Otherwise, we will have to hand move the links when we find recipes miss-posted.


As said earlier, we have given a lot of thought to the category structure, but if you feel that a change is warranted, then email , with your suggestion. We will make changes as time permits.

Slightly Moderated

We will only edit recipes when requested by the contributor, or if we see that it absolutely needs it. Of course, if improper material is posted, we will remove it as soon as we detect it.

Enjoy Gambrinus' Mug

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