08/10/07, none, none, Extract
06/25/07, Its my own damn "ALT", Robert W Czuprynski, Partial Mash
05/08/07, Hammerhead Cider, Shawn, Extract
04/11/07, Monk-eeez Cider, Aaron Bigelow, Other
04/08/07, Lumberjack Cider, Lumberjack Joe, Other
04/04/07, Tyler's Sierra Nevada Pale ale, Ian McLeod, All Grain
04/04/07, Killer Bee Honey Pale Ale, Ian McLeod, All Grain
02/07/07, Ali's Eyes Brown Ale, Chris Varcoe, Extract
02/05/07, Toasted Marshmallow S'mores Porter, Kevin Peters, Partial Mash
02/05/07, Crackabrau, Kevin Peters, Partial Mash
01/19/07, German Pilsner II, Chris Varcoe, Extract
01/01/07, Mabsy's Red Dream, Myron Rutsky, Extract
12/28/06, Franklin Lager, Chris Varcoe, Extract
12/12/06, Brown Beer, Chris Varcoe, Extract
11/26/06, Oatmeal Ueberstout, Kelsey Wagner, Partial Mash
11/14/06, German Pilsner Light, Chris Varcoe, Extract
10/30/06, Triumphant Return APA, Chris Varcoe, Extract
10/29/06, Oktoberfest 06, Chris Varcoe, Extract
10/25/06, My Wife is So...Bitter, Chris Varcoe, Extract
10/04/06, Wildcat Lager, L.King, All Grain
09/17/06, Bearcat Kolsch, L.King, All Grain
08/18/06, Accidental Hefeweizen, Jeff Taylor, Extract
08/05/06, Red Coat Ale, Ian McMullen, Extract
06/18/06, Sunburn Red Ale, Urs Riner, Extract
06/02/06, "Lafayette, Nous Sommes Ici!" , KHPatton, Extract
04/23/06, Impulse Cider, Dr. J, Other
03/11/06, Honey Razz, Jim Vasta, Partial Mash
01/24/06, Peat, the Small Brew Thing, Teru, Partial Mash
01/22/06, Diablo, Jim Vasta, Partial Mash
01/05/06, Imperial (Double) Pilsener , Mike Prilla, Extract
12/05/05, Pumpkin Head Ale, Dave in Dallas, Extract
11/04/05, Brewtal, John, Partial Mash
10/10/05, Mighty Smitey Cider, Smite Swift, Other
08/24/05, Hoppily Ever After "A Lightly Toasted IPA", BrewChef Norman, Partial Mash
08/14/05, Winter Solstice Cyser, Joshua Dibble, Extract
08/14/05, O.G. Pale Ale, Joshua Dibble, All Grain
08/14/05, Bear's Breath Barleywine, Joshua Dibble, All Grain
08/10/05, Klingon Blood Wine, Michael J Hayes, Other
07/08/05, Mild English Brown, Sid Odgers, Extract
07/08/05, Dark Star Chocolate Stout, Chris Ungvarsky, Extract
06/28/05, Wharf Rat Bourbon Barrel Brown Ale, Chris Ungvarsky, Partial Mash
06/15/05, Milk Stout, Paul Ollier, Partial Mash
04/11/05, Mai Boch, Robert Grier, Extract
03/23/05, Feather Light, Dave Bond, All Grain
03/08/05, HOLY GRALE, JOHN ANK, All Grain
02/15/05, copernicus cup, Daniel D, Partial Mash
01/15/05, Rader's Cherry Lambic, Michael Schaefferkoetter, Other
12/31/04, Powderkeg Porter, Wade Duncan, Extract
12/04/04, Honey Cream Ale, Jeremy Struffert, Extract
11/09/04, Golden Smoke, Robert Grier, Partial Mash
11/09/04, Old Nasty IPA, Charlie Simpson, All Grain
11/03/04, Beach Lake Extreme IPA, Michael Miller, Extract
11/01/04, What's this? Porter, Bruce Mortimer, Extract
10/05/04, Elizabeth II, Stewart Cranston, All Grain
10/05/04, Winter to Summer Kolsch, Stewart Cranston, All Grain
09/18/04, Ye Ole Oat Stout, Robert Grier, Extract
08/04/04, 30 Loonie Bitter, Chris Storey, All Grain
05/03/04, Rader's American Pale Ale, Michael Schaefferkoetter, All Grain
04/29/04, KAP's Imperial Milk Chocolate Stout, Keith A Prentice, Extract
04/26/04, Satan's Candi Ass Triple, F Benscoter, Extract
04/14/04, Session Pale, Mark Bauer, All Grain
04/14/04, Dragonfly Clone, Mark Bauer, All Grain
03/25/04, Rye Imperial Stout, Sean White, All Grain
03/21/04, Blaxland Stout, Andrew Kennedy, Extract
03/07/04, Wild Huckleberry Mead, Tom Schwarting, Other
03/03/04, O.P.A., Wade Griffith, All Grain
02/22/04, Backyard Raspberry Ale, dan raphael, Extract
02/14/04, OIBC India Pale Ale, Brian, All Grain
01/11/04, OIBC Oatmeal Stout, Brian, All Grain
01/10/04, Early Winter Kolsch, Tim Schultz, Extract
01/10/04, Extra Special Bitter (Chicago Style), Tim Schultz, Extract
01/09/04, Brainsmasher, Sam Sorensen, Extract
12/04/03, Flaming Liberal IPA, Bearded Dave, Partial Mash
11/21/03, Black Liq"IRISH", Jeremy Struffert, Extract
11/04/03, Propensity Pilsener Lager, Brian Kulchycki, Extract
10/29/03, Lazy Brown Dog, Richard Sloan, All Grain
10/27/03, pilgrims grog, parsons wayneright, Extract
10/06/03, Andrimne Witbier, Gahr Smith-Gahrsen, All Grain
10/05/03, Greystoke Porter , Daniel Hotaling, Extract
10/05/03, Andrimne Pilsener, Gahr Smith-Gahrsen, All Grain
10/05/03, Andrimne Old Ale, Gahr Smith-Gahrsen, All Grain
10/03/03, Andrimne Mild, Gahr Smith-Gahrsen, All Grain
10/03/03, Andrimne Bitter, Gahr Smith-Gahrsen, All Grain
10/02/03, Red Head Irish Stout, Joe Hankinson, Partial Mash
09/27/03, Cooks Lake Laurentian Cider, Scotch Road Breweries (Dave Cameron, Brewmaster), Other
09/26/03, White Death Beer, F Benscoter, Extract
09/12/03, Blue Moon Ale Clone, Marc D. Battreall, Extract
03/29/03, Crazy-boy's Imperial Amber (CIA), dan raphael, Extract
08/12/02, Tulum Amber, Mark Draughn, Extract
07/31/02, Wooden Shoes Lager, Chris G., Partial Mash
06/25/02, Devil's Fire, J Walton, Extract
03/10/02, Uptha Kriek, Jim Hoffman, Partial Mash
03/10/02, Annegrethe's California Common, Jim Hoffman, Extract
02/17/02, Bock to Basics, dan raphael, Extract
01/19/02, Tree Frog Lager, Stuart Gillett, All Grain
01/15/02, American lager II, Hans Fraber, All Grain
01/12/02, Copper Ale, Stu Venable, All Grain
01/03/02, Winter Wilderness, Dave Campbell, Extract
12/14/01, Elden ESB, McMillan Mesa Brewing, Extract
12/14/01, Havasu Hefe, McMillan Mesa Brewing, Extract
12/03/01, BelJane, Wojtkielewicz, Extract
12/03/01, St. Udleys Beer, M.J. Langford, All Grain
12/02/01, Full Moon Wit, Byron Adkins, All Grain
11/22/01, oktogerbofest, Aaron Gerbo, All Grain
11/18/01, 87-Export, KB, All Grain
11/17/01, 87 Export, Kevin Boyle, All Grain
11/15/01, Punkin' Porter, Kurt Engelmann, Extract
11/07/01, Punch you in the IPA, Rob Hudson, Partial Mash
11/05/01, Bob's Browneye Ale, Bob T, All Grain
11/04/01, Black Cat Bitter, Phil, All Grain
11/04/01, Old Familiar, Phil, All Grain
10/30/01, Brownie Brown Ale, Chris Benham, Extract
10/21/01, Wormtongue Porter, Sean McMurtrey, Partial Mash
10/17/01, Dreamboat Pale, Dave Frombach, Partial Mash
10/15/01, Maple Wine, John M. Haynes, Other
10/14/01, Bonanza Brown Ale, Michael Willis, All Grain
10/14/01, bohemian rhapsody, Van Lucas, Extract
10/14/01, bohemian rhapsody, Van Lucas, Extract
10/13/01, Le Trapp Trippel (clone), Steve Gustafson, All Grain
10/12/01, HOPP DOGG, STACEY BURMER, Extract
10/05/01, Death of Elvis Cherry Stout, Keith Richards, Partial Mash
10/02/01, the color love, shane byrd, Extract
10/02/01, Bearmiester's dark wheat ale, shane byrd, Extract
10/02/01, foregotten wheaten ale, shane byrd, Extract
09/29/01, Octoberfest, Steve Gustafson, All Grain
09/26/01, Dirtybyrds'brown ale, shane byrd, Extract
09/25/01, Fallen Apple Brown Ale, Bob Taylor, All Grain
09/25/01, Dirtybyrds' anarchy ale (ginger ale), shane byrd, Extract
09/25/01, Dirtybyrds' dirty stout, shane byrd, Extract
09/20/01, Mortimer, Alex Enkerli, All Grain
09/20/01, Summer Ale, Sean DeCataldo, Partial Mash
09/19/01, Everest I.P.A, Stefan Berggren, Extract
09/01/01, Roadkill Ale - Mk I, Steven Lee Pearson, Extract
08/29/01, Schimpft (Jubel Clone), Tom Meier, All Grain
08/23/01, Wild Willy's Ale, Will Strickland, Extract
08/22/01, Poconos Summer Ale, Dave Campbell, Extract
08/03/01, TrainWreck Porter, B.G. Brewing (John Schroeder, Chris Boyer and Jason Gorsh), Partial Mash
08/03/01, Pocket Jingler Doublebock, Colby Fry, Partial Mash
08/01/01, Mango-Honey Ale, Kenny Polk, Extract
07/08/01, Rodeocold Ale, Jason Whitaker, Extract
06/30/01, Broken Tusk IPA, dan raphael, Extract
06/25/01, Shore Ale, Sean DeCataldo, Extract
06/22/01, Dandelion bitter, absent, Extract
06/22/01, Lame Corvid, Absent, All Grain
06/18/01, Bear rock dunkelweizen, shane byrd, Extract
06/18/01, devil cat pale ale, shane byrd, Extract
06/09/01, Biggus DikkusCream Ale, David Brandt, Extract
05/31/01, Hefeweizen "Bernie", john andrews, Extract
05/30/01, 90 schilling -- take it or leave it laddie, Brian Florom, All Grain
05/26/01, Rob and Jim's Hard Summer Lemonade, Jim, Extract
05/25/01, Chocolate Marzen, Tim Green, Partial Mash
05/21/01, Lao Tsu's Green Tea Braggot, Steven Sanders , Extract
05/18/01, Bully Scottish 80 Ver 2.0, Tom MEier, All Grain
05/17/01, Rechts Stehen, Tom Meier, Partial Mash
05/14/01, Murphy's Clone Attempt No. 1, Tom Meier, All Grain
05/14/01, SSS Cyder, Sean, Other
05/11/01, Andy's Black Magic Liquid, Andy Jones, All Grain
05/08/01, Blind Toad, Absent, Partial Mash
05/05/01, Rye Bread Stout, Brian Florom, All Grain
05/05/01, Molasses Porter, Brian Florom, All Grain
05/05/01, No Cologne Kolsch, Brian Florom, All Grain
05/03/01, 4-Malt IPA, D. Burke, Partial Mash
04/30/01, Colonial Brown Ale, Deek, Extract
04/27/01, Hoppy Honey Wheat, Mark, Extract
04/27/01, Froze Hoze Oatmeal Stout, Bob Wall, All Grain
04/23/01, Basic Mead, Rick Reid, Other
04/16/01, Wicked Good Lemon Mead, Nate, Other
04/15/01, Barhshack Ginger Mead, Phil Bacon, Extract
04/13/01, Hop Head Red Bitter, Ron Sconyers, Partial Mash
03/29/01, First Brew IPA, Mark, Extract
03/24/01, Common Thread Guiness Clone, Dick Coyner, Partial Mash
03/24/01, Steve's Russian Imperial Stout, Steve Miles, Extract
03/22/01, Rye lager, Tim, Extract
03/12/01, Desert Mead, Ben Waggoner, Extract
03/09/01, King Damara's (Coffee) Imperial Stout, Nuggethead Brewing Co., Partial Mash
03/01/01, Millenium Oatmeal Stout, N/S Brewers, Partial Mash
03/01/01, Irish Vanilla, Coffee, and Kaluah Cream Stout Sweetness, N/S Brewers, Partial Mash
03/01/01, East India Dark Ale (IDA), N/S Brewers, Partial Mash
02/19/01, Hippocras #1, John Nixon, Extract
02/17/01, Underage Child Mild, Chris Looney, Extract
02/14/01, Foghorn Leghorn (I'm gonna get me a chicken), Jonathan Sutter, Partial Mash
02/07/01, Hawkeye P.A., Mike Houck, Extract
01/20/01, Red Amaranth Ale, Scott Holub, Partial Mash
01/19/01, Pound Brau, John Tossberg, George Aux, All Grain
01/17/01, Liberty Bay IPA, Dave Frombach, Partial Mash
01/14/01, Venorsborg Pale Ale , Tom Paschal, Partial Mash
01/11/01, Strawberry Death, Greg Cicconetti, Extract
01/11/01, Devil's Dubbel, David Campbell, Extract
01/09/01, Mirror Pond Clone, Dave Frombach, Partial Mash
01/09/01, American Honey Wheat, Dave Frombach, Partial Mash
01/04/01, Big Eddie Light, dave Blersch, All Grain
01/04/01, Big Eddie Oatmeal Stout, Dave Blersch, All Grain
12/31/00, Wit by Bob, Robert Townsend, All Grain
12/20/00, Stalin's Revenge, Jason Stock, Partial Mash
12/18/00, long winters nabpster, scott oliver, Other
12/14/00, Fox Hollow Ale, Walter Ellison Jr., Partial Mash
12/07/00, starlight ale, barry batchelor, All Grain
12/04/00, Ten Ton Bock , Bill Fontanazza , Extract
12/01/00, Püterscheins Dunklesweizen, John Viggiano, Extract
11/28/00, Old Monkey Brew, Bill Martin, Extract
11/26/00, Jacobite Ale Clone, Jason Stock, Partial Mash
11/26/00, Beginners Simple pale ale, Walter Ellison, Extract
11/25/00, St. Chuck's Porter, Bill Pierce, All Grain
11/22/00, Bully Scottish Ale (80/-), Tom Meier, All Grain
11/21/00, Brewer's Riverside Pale, Brian Brewer, All Grain
11/17/00, Vodeez Can't Fail Pale....Bock, VODIE, All Grain
11/10/00, Prescription Stout, Dave Wressell, Extract
10/29/00, Irish Jiggin' Bitter, Tim Neall, All Grain
10/21/00, Potomac Porter, Tim Neall, All Grain
10/21/00, Keara's Cream Ale, Tim Neall, All Grain
10/20/00, "Impulse" Fall Cider, Robert the Bruce , Other
10/13/00, QuasIPA, Marc Rehfuss, Extract
10/03/00, Pudgie Porter, Jeff Clough, Extract
10/03/00, der Tamminator Oatmeal Wheat, Jeff Clough, Extract
10/01/00, India Red Ale, David Brieva, Partial Mash
09/27/00, Sneaky Cider, Morgan, Extract
09/23/00, pale reflection, Chris Edison, Extract
09/22/00, Brandon Pond Pale, Dave Frombach, Partial Mash
09/21/00, WhosGaarden?, Paul Borloz, All Grain
09/15/00, Sumatran Kraut Stout, David Komornik, Extract
09/10/00, Barking Bitters, David Rice, All Grain
09/04/00, 6 Malt Rye, J. Morton Halliday, All Grain
08/30/00, Autumn Apple Ale, Eric Gross, Extract
08/27/00, USA (unseasonably strong ale), dan raphael, Extract
08/26/00, Can't Think of a Clever Name Ale, JD, Extract
08/15/00, Let Rye-Gones Be Rye-Gones, Steve, Partial Mash
08/13/00, Ocean Breeze Summer Ale, Kyle Fiske, Extract
08/10/00, "Fine" Scottish Ale, Jason Stock, Partial Mash
08/07/00, Half-Arsed Heavy Ale, Tim Thomas, Extract
08/07/00, Dog's Balls Chilli Beer, Tim Thomas, Partial Mash
08/07/00, Bix-Bitter, Tim Thomas, Partial Mash
08/06/00, Reggie's Red Devil Dog Ale, Shawn Mann, All Grain
08/04/00, Been Around Town Brown, Rod Steele, Extract
08/01/00, Big Wave Dave's Cascade Pale, Dave Frombach, Partial Mash
08/01/00, Rick's Adirondack Nights, Lance Andrus, Extract
07/28/00, Savannah Sunset Kolsch Ale, David Campbell, Extract
07/13/00, Governor Turnbuckel's Elixer, Chris Schiffer, All Grain
07/08/00, Richards Ranch House Rausch Ale, Chris Richard, All Grain
07/08/00, Unemployed Lager, dan raphael, Extract
07/04/00, Rasberry Cyser, Brian Koenig, Other
07/01/00, Alternative Altbier, Tim Neall, All Grain
06/30/00, Altbier too, Brian Florom, All Grain
06/29/00, PatchBaby CAP, Tim Neall, All Grain
06/28/00, Watermelon Lager, Zenith Kleine, Extract
06/22/00, Stock's "Big Cock" Barley Wine Ale, Jason Stock, Partial Mash
06/20/00, Honey Wheat Lager, Matt Garhart, Extract
06/19/00, Wanker Wheat, daveinhb, Extract
06/16/00, German/American Lager, Kevin, All Grain
06/09/00, Hip Hop APA, Bart Fortune, All Grain
06/04/00, Barney Bad Ass, Scott Bershing, Extract
06/04/00, Apple Cherry Cider By Bob, Robert Townsend, Other
06/03/00, Pilsner By Bob , Robert Townsend, Extract
06/03/00, Stout By Bob, Robert Townsend, Extract
06/01/00, McAlan's Extra Strong Scottish Ale, Alan Mishell, All Grain
05/28/00, Pre-Prohibition Lager, Aaron Sepanski, All Grain
05/25/00, Lawrence of India Pale Ale, Larry Lawrence, Extract
05/15/00, I.P.American, Mike Buchanan, Extract
05/13/00, Streb's Porter, Rob Strebler, Extract
05/09/00, Golding Pale, Dave Frombach, Extract
05/09/00, Big Wave Dave's IPA, Dave Frombach, Extract
05/08/00, Bombs Away IPA, Dave Frombach, Extract
05/04/00, Blackbore Munich Dunkel, Mike Megown, All Grain
05/02/00, Anchor Bolt Amber Ale, Randy James, Extract
04/29/00, Bucky's Gingered Ale, Bob Davis, Extract
04/25/00, Ye Olde Ale, Matt Garhart, Extract
04/20/00, Buck Horn Ale, Bob Klokis & Eric Melhorn, Partial Mash
04/17/00, Gracie's Potato Cream Ale, Tim Neall, All Grain
04/15/00, Black Dane Pale Ale, Robert Lanctot, All Grain
04/15/00, Summer Slammer, Chris Black, Partial Mash
04/14/00, sweet wheat, PAUL OLLIER, Partial Mash
04/11/00, Hughes Cascade Canadian Lager II, Tim Neall, All Grain
04/09/00, Dunkle Hefe, Brian Summers, Extract
04/05/00, River City Stout, Chris Black, Partial Mash
04/05/00, Weiserale, Chris Black, Extract
04/05/00, Black's Nut Brown Ale (close to Samuel Smiths Nut Brown), Chris Black, Extract
04/04/00, Welsh Mild, Alan Mishell, All Grain
04/03/00, Wild Swan Lager, Matt Garhart, Extract
03/29/00, Solstice Porter, Tim Neall, Partial Mash
03/28/00, Wild Rice Summer Blonde Ale, Karl Zensen, Extract
03/27/00, California Dreamin', David Campbell, Extract
03/25/00, The Cliff Baron's Cherry Vanilla Stout, Dave Herling, Extract
03/23/00, Cherry-Vanilla American Wheat, BC, All Grain
03/19/00, "Would?" McKee's Gauntlet Blackberry Honey Wheat, Bill Webber, Partial Mash
03/17/00, Iron Range Brown, Chris Schiffer, All Grain
03/17/00, East St. Paul Ale, Chris Schiffer, All Grain
03/06/00, Chucks NEW HOUSE ALE, CHARLES W. HOFFMAN, Extract
03/06/00, Redcoat Pale Ale, Tim Neall, All Grain
03/05/00, Itsa Pail Ale, Scott Bershing, Extract
03/04/00, Der Terminator, Jason Stock, Partial Mash
03/04/00, Stock's Outer Darkness Stout, Jason Stock, Partial Mash
03/04/00, Dark Amber Ale, Jason Stock, Partial Mash
03/02/00, Bob's BlueBeery Ale, Bob Taylor, Partial Mash
02/28/00, Harley's Honey-Lemon Wheat, Gavin Bruehyachlovich, Extract
02/28/00, Honk Me Ale, Bob Tobin, Extract
02/17/00, Weihenstephan Hefeveizen, Mike, All Grain
02/17/00, New Pale, Mike, All Grain
02/17/00, Oatmeal Stout, Mike, All Grain
02/14/00, Proto's Pre-Prohibition American Pils, Mike "Proto" Majeski, Partial Mash
02/14/00, There "Altbier" a law, Brian Florom, All Grain
02/09/00, Something old, something new, something borrowed, something brewed, Brian Florom, Extract
02/09/00, "Stop your Weizen" bock, Brian Florom, Extract
02/09/00, Winter Sunset Amber, Brian Florom, Extract
02/06/00, Black Sheep Lager, Chris Schiffer, All Grain
02/06/00, Yamabby XXX, Chris Schiffer, Partial Mash
02/06/00, Saison for after mowing the lawn, Chris Schiffer, All Grain
02/06/00, "Avec crayon" cran-framboise, Ben Newman, All Grain
02/04/00, Bruhmalt Balcony Brew '99, Ben Newman, All Grain
01/24/00, Logie Trail Java Stout, Nick Perera, Extract
01/23/00, Crown King Fest-Marzen, Russ Schreiber, All Grain
01/22/00, Kurt's California cream ale, Kurt Schweter, All Grain
01/13/00, Backyard Wheat Beer, Bruce Truesdell, Extract
01/13/00, Hungry Beagle Belgian Pale Ale, Michael Parker, Extract
01/13/00, Big Brown Eyes American Brown Ale, Michael Parker, Extract
01/12/00, Mad Dwarf Weizen, Joe O'Meara, Partial Mash
01/08/00, 50th BIRTHDAY OATMEAL STOUT, Chris McAtee, All Grain
01/07/00, Clan Campbell Scotch Ale, David Campbell/Donny Burchell, Extract
12/26/99, Freaky Bock, Tom Crisp, Partial Mash
12/23/99, Willy Warmer Wee Heavy (140-Shilling Scotch Ale), Brian Dixon, Partial Mash
12/19/99, Rooster Kolsch, David Hahn, All Grain
12/10/99, Northern Star Pale, Chris Schiffer, All Grain
12/08/99, RUSKI STOUT, David White, Partial Mash
12/07/99, Deep Impact, Ray Sykes, Partial Mash
11/26/99, Uncomplicated Trappist Ale, John Stockman, All Grain
11/25/99, Smooth Seductress, Aaron Corday, Partial Mash
11/24/99, Abbeagle Dubbel Ale, Michael Parker, Extract
11/23/99, Chocolate Cinnamon Espresso Porter [Christmas Porter], Caesar Jordaan, Partial Mash
11/20/99, Bown Cat - IPA, Mike Schnell, All Grain
11/20/99, Silky Smooth Ale, Bill Hughes, Partial Mash
11/19/99, Saison # 69, Bill Hughes, Extract
11/19/99, Last Minute Pale Ale, Bill Hughes, Extract
11/19/99, Wicked Spiced Apple Barleywine, Tim Jacobs, Extract
11/18/99, Black Mask Porter, Bart Fortune, All Grain
11/17/99, Andrimne Christmas Ale, Gahr Smith-Gahrsen, All Grain
11/17/99, Blond Bomber Hefeweizen, Bart Fortune, All Grain
11/14/99, ToeHead Wheaton Ale, Bart Fortune, All Grain
11/14/99, Ya Scottish Bastard Porter, Edward J Finerty III, Extract
11/14/99, Best 2 U Brew, Edward J Finerty III, Extract
11/13/99, Kostritzer Klone, Shane M., All Grain
11/06/99, Oktoberfest, Tim Neall, All Grain
11/06/99, Yankee's Bitter, Tim Neall, Extract
11/06/99, Witless in Seattle, Mark Henry, Extract
11/06/99, Widmer Hefeweizen Clone, Mark Henry, Extract
11/06/99, A "Wry" Smile, Mark Henry, Partial Mash
11/06/99, Overhopped Evergreen Ale, Mark Henry, Extract
11/05/99, Evergreen Bock, Mark Henry, Partial Mash
11/05/99, Nationalist's Fervor Russian Imperial Stout, Mark Henry, Extract
11/05/99, Calebs Creek Dortmunder Export, Ricky Sheaves, All Grain
10/06/99, Huffin-Wheezin American Wheat Ale , Kevin Fawcett, All Grain
10/06/99, Goblin's Delight Halloween Ale , David Campbell, Extract
09/06/99, Gold Cup "honey wheat" Ale, Dan'l and Bobo, All Grain
08/25/99, Downunder Tan Bitter, Miguel de Salas, All Grain
08/24/99, Sweet Summer Ale, Gordon Smith, Extract
08/23/99, Citrus Wheat, Wayne Rowe, Extract
08/18/99, Liquid Dark Chocolate, Gerald Barthel, Partial Mash
08/16/99, Burchell's London Porter, David Campbell, Extract
08/05/99, Red Look Double Dark Stout, Dave Blaine, Partial Mash
07/31/99, Colonial Wheat Ale, Tim Neall, All Grain
07/31/99, Kilting Me Softly Scottish Ale, Brett McQuade, Partial Mash
07/31/99, NA Pale ALe, Tim Neall, All Grain
07/29/99, Winking Satyr Apple Jack, Nate Poell, Other
07/23/99, Bob's Tender Pale Ale, Bob Waddell, Extract
07/23/99, Flexographic 120/- Wee Heavy, John Viggiano & Jon Sam, Extract
07/18/99, Vekol Vienna, Russ Schreiber, All Grain
07/16/99, Strawberry-Mint Pale Ale, Dor Alon, All Grain
07/15/99, Sir Conehead ESB, Warren White, Partial Mash
07/03/99, Rich & Bobs Honey Red, Bob Scogins, All Grain
07/01/99, American Wheat, Steve Michalik, Extract
06/25/99, WhatDaHec Hairy Cherry Stout, Hector Reyes and John the Beer Guy, Extract
06/24/99, M.V.P. --Mark's Vanilla Porter, Mark LeBlanc, All Grain
06/23/99, Death By Hops IPA, Steve Eldredge, All Grain
06/20/99, Olde Stumpph*er (replace previous), dan raphael, Extract
06/17/99, Peek Under Yer Kilt - Highland Ale, Lance Cooley, Partial Mash
06/17/99, Cheap sparkling white wine, Greg Breitz, Other
06/17/99, Slam Adams, Greg Breitz, Extract
06/05/99, Bells Chime, Nate Poell, Other
06/02/99, KayKay CAP, Tim Neall, All Grain
05/29/99, Queen's Gambit Cream Ale, Time Neall, All Grain
05/27/99, Twice Bitten Miners Stout, Todd Fanton, Extract
05/26/99, Blackberry Porter, Andy Flynn, Extract
05/25/99, Red Oktoberfest Maerzen, Brian Connors, Extract
05/25/99, Nantucket Sleighride IPA, Brian Connors, Extract
05/22/99, Ginger Snap Ale, Rodney O. Kerstetter, All Grain
05/19/99, Rooster Wheat, 1, All Grain
05/18/99, Drunken Chihuahua Red Chili Ale, Brett McQuade, Partial Mash
05/17/99, Ruffier Beer Java Joe Stout, Doug Ruffier, Extract
05/16/99, Jaromir Lagr, Jeff Stearns, Partial Mash
05/09/99, Steam on Steroids, Sean Vadas, All Grain
05/08/99, Old Vicki Special Export IPA, Brian Connors, Extract
05/08/99, Frank's Black Label Bitter, Brian Connors, Extract
05/04/99, Stu’s Brew Red Ale Bitter, Randall Stuart, Extract
04/30/99, April Oatmeal, Ken Steele, Extract
04/30/99, Dunkacherry, Dave Brown, All Grain
04/27/99, Awesome Summer Ale, Richard Meadows, Other
04/25/99, Halfwit IPA, Matthew Jolly, Extract
04/22/99, Andrimne Tripel, Gahr Smith-Gahrsen, All Grain
04/20/99, Sweet Hitch-Hiker Steamer, Joe Lindsey, All Grain
04/19/99, Son of a Monk Belgian Strong, Tim Neall, All Grain
04/17/99, Wampum Blueberry Cider, Nate Poell, Other
04/15/99, Andrew's BOS APA, Andrew Henckler, All Grain
04/10/99, Pocoshock Better Bitter, Steven Johnson, Extract
04/08/99, Blizzard Ale - Ole '96, Jim Morris, Partial Mash
04/07/99, Scott's "Potpourri Steam" Porter, Scott, Extract
04/06/99, Pattarini Blue Ribbon Ale, Tim Neall, Extract
04/04/99, Parrothead Ale, Chris Ehlbeck, Extract
04/03/99, Mistry Bru, Nate Poell, Extract
04/02/99, mad house "RED", don jones, Extract
04/01/99, Cow Camp Kolsch, Jeff Schalau, All Grain
04/01/99, Pocono Mountain Pale Ale, David Campbell, Extract
03/29/99, Butthead Bitter 2, Greg Henley, Extract
03/29/99, Butthead Bitter 2, Greg Henley, Extract
03/25/99, Hellix Mix, Dr.Techno, Extract
03/24/99, root beer, unknown, Extract
03/24/99, Pride of Dunwich, Jeremy York, Partial Mash
03/24/99, Whately Export, Jeremy York, Extract
03/23/99, IRIE ALE, ANONYMOUS, Extract
03/23/99, Grendel's Tail, Nate Poell, Extract
03/19/99, IPA, Mike Cance, All Grain
03/17/99, Stout In The Air Spring, Ken Steele, Extract
03/17/99, Bloody Alice Wheat Beer, M Kiessling, Extract
03/16/99, Andrimne Oatmeal Stout, Gahr Smith-Gahrsen, All Grain
03/15/99, Scottish Export Ale, Tim Neall, All Grain
03/13/99, Wild Kyle's IPA, Kevin Kanoza, All Grain
03/12/99, Backyard Brew, Sean Ward, Extract
03/11/99, "Twiggy" Ale, Marcus Taylor, Partial Mash
03/11/99, He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother, Randy Rotermund, Extract
03/10/99, Bitchin' Bohemian Pilsner, Brent Ruch(Hippi-Cat Homebrewing Co.), Extract
03/10/99, Hippi-Cat C2, Brent Ruch (Hippi-Cat Homebrewing Co.), Extract
03/08/99, Jeanne's Favorite, Dave Szakacs, Extract
03/04/99, Bad Bob's Twist n' Stout, Bob Tisdale, Partial Mash
03/02/99, Yep, That's Stout Imperial Stout, Kelly Jobe, Extract
02/28/99, Randys pale wheat, Randy Speakman, Partial Mash
02/25/99, Whatever You Want Honey Porter, Mike Adelman, All Grain
02/23/99, Watermelon Wheat, Lynn Vangsnes, Extract
02/21/99, Hookred ESB, Nate Poell, Extract
02/20/99, Pub Draught Guinness Clone, Devin Reuther, All Grain
02/18/99, Caramel I.P.A., Steve Keeley, All Grain
02/15/99, Bronzeback Ale, Scott Bershing, Extract
02/14/99, Gotta boil that hen !!!, Jonathan Sutter, Partial Mash
02/14/99, what a honey of a wheat !!, jonathan sutter, Partial Mash
02/14/99, Rat City IPA, Kevin Fawcett, All Grain
02/13/99, Rummy's Blackstrap Porter, Rick Anderson-Sick Puppy Brewing Company, Extract
02/12/99, Deutchland "Feed Trough" Ale, John Thomasson, Aledo, TX, All Grain
02/10/99, Enskede ESB, Torsten Hannerfeldt, All Grain
02/10/99, Killains Red, Robert Grundler, All Grain
02/09/99, Jeff's X-Beer, Jeff Huber, Extract
02/07/99, Goatshead Brown Ale, Don Laegel jr., Extract
02/07/99, McSpears' Scotch Ale, Steve Spears, All Grain
02/07/99, Dog Days Dark, dan raphael, Extract
02/06/99, Al's Ill Pizat Ale, Alex Pamatat, Extract
02/04/99, Autumn Bitter, Dave Kokes, Extract
02/04/99, Pere Noel Porter, Dave, Extract
02/02/99, Cherry Melomel, Ric West, Extract
02/01/99, Hot as Hell in December Dortmunder, Tim Neall, All Grain
02/01/99, Orange-Cranberry Ale, Tim Neall, Extract
02/01/99, KimberBerry Mead, Tim Neall, Other
02/01/99, Ballantine IPA Clone, Tim Neall, All Grain
02/01/99, Traditional Bavarian Wheat Beer, Lynn Vangsnes, Extract
01/29/99, Peach Smoked Pale Ale, Steve Keeley, Partial Mash
01/26/99, Tennessee Highlander Ale, Ricky Sheaves, Partial Mash
01/24/99, Balcony Black, Mike Leslie, All Grain
01/23/99, Fetchez la Bock!, Brett McQuade, Partial Mash
01/22/99, Kup O'Koelsch, Grant W. Knechtel, All Grain
01/22/99, Burn-in Cider, Nate Poell, Other
01/22/99, Baywood Porter, Peter Hoey, All Grain
01/18/99, ESB, doug scott, Extract
01/16/99, True Love Hand-in Amber-Red, T. Daniel "Greenman" Griffin, Extract
01/11/99, Southerly Mild, Nathan Sanborn, All Grain
01/07/99, Old Brown Trouser, Brandon Denins, Extract
01/07/99, The Singing Bee, Brandon Dennis, Partial Mash
01/05/99, Vac's Listless Lager, Michael Kovach, Extract
01/05/99, Vach's Indians Pale Ale, Michael Kovach, Extract
12/21/98, Tiger Piss Amber, Dr. Evil, Extract
12/19/98, Corman XIPA, Mike Williams, Extract
12/17/98, Darryl's Weird Ass ESB, darryl dB Balaski, Extract
12/17/98, Hopping in the Basement Honey Ale, Basement Brewer Bob, Extract
12/13/98, Richard'sBarown Porter, Richard Daines, All Grain
12/07/98, Deet's Bitter, Geoffrey Smith, Extract
12/01/98, "Would?" Procrastinator, Bill Webber, Partial Mash
11/30/98, MIDNIGHT ALE, DEN, All Grain
11/30/98, The Wopsononock Brewery's Pumpkin Pie Porter, Brandon Tarr, Partial Mash
11/29/98, Olde Stumpph*er, dan raphael, Extract
11/29/98, Palerider APA, Tim Neall, All Grain
11/29/98, SouthWind Stout II, Tim Neall, All Grain
11/28/98, SouthWind Stout, Tim Neall, All Grain
11/28/98, Steve's Red Brick House Porter, Steve Hamler, Extract
11/27/98, Mesquite "O" Bite, Mark Hair, All Grain
11/25/98, Pascoe Vale Hefeweizen, Warren White, Partial Mash
11/25/98, Trippel Over, Warren White, Partial Mash
11/25/98, Eclectic Pale Ale (EPA), Warren White, Partial Mash
11/22/98, Arbuckle Porter, Jeff Marcell, Extract
11/15/98, Cement Step Smoked Porter, Tim Neall, All Grain
11/14/98, "Burton Style" Pale Ale, Greg Henley, Extract
11/12/98, West Newton Sparkling Hard Cider, Mark Morrison, Other
11/05/98, Noble Night Nut Brown, Daniel "Greenman" Griffin, Extract
11/04/98, Backwater Bayou Ale, Paul Messmer, All Grain
11/03/98, Coffee Stout, Tod Billings, Extract
10/31/98, Maple Leaf Special Bitter, Sean McCarthy, Extract
10/31/98, Seattle Stout, Crash Martin, Partial Mash
10/27/98, GRANDSON OF GRUMPY, Matthew Jolly, All Grain
10/25/98, SpringValley Session Ale, Robert Scogins, All Grain
10/21/98, Hazelnut Brown Ale, Tod Billings, Extract
10/17/98, Amber Ale, Bob Plewnarz, All Grain
10/11/98, Bock, Bock, Bock, Russ Schreiber, All Grain
10/11/98, My Favorite Oatmeal Stout, Russ Schreiber, All Grain
10/09/98, Half-Assed-Brown, Dale Hatch, Other
10/02/98, Conan Brau, Brett McQuade, Partial Mash
09/30/98, My Favorite Honey Porter, Russ Schreiber, All Grain
09/26/98, Confirmation Ale, Tim Carey, Extract
09/26/98, Second Place Bitter, Tim Carey, Extract
09/22/98, German Dunkle Weisen, Greg Henley, Extract
09/22/98, Spider Killer Mild, Tim Neall, All Grain
09/22/98, Crystal Light, Russ Schreiber, All Grain
09/22/98, Kiwiberry Wheat Ale, David Campbell, Extract
09/22/98, Bwemia, Russ Schreiber, All Grain
09/22/98, My Favorite Double Bock Clone, Russ Schreiber, All Grain
09/21/98, OctadamsFest, Herb Adams, All Grain
09/20/98, chocolate honey porter, eric graves, Extract
09/17/98, Cascadia simplex demonica, Domenick Venezia, All Grain
09/07/98, SMOKIN' PILSISCHE PILS, Chris McAtee, All Grain
09/04/98, German-style Pilsner, Russ Brodeur, All Grain
08/26/98, Alt No. 2, Russ Brodeur, All Grain
08/24/98, Lazy Day Cream Ale, Tim Neall, All Grain
08/15/98, Calebs Creek Historical Porter, Ricky Sheaves, All Grain
08/09/98, Yiptopia IPA, Darcy Cates, Extract
08/08/98, Big Red Barley Wine, Tim Neall, Extract
08/08/98, RePete Red, Pete Gleneski, Extract
08/05/98, Blueberry Mead, Mark Stevens, Other
08/04/98, Sweet Dreams, Mark Stevens, Extract
08/04/98, Classic American Pilsner No. 1, Russ Brodeur, All Grain
07/29/98, Roggen Pils (Rye pilsner), Thomas Murray, All Grain
07/24/98, Hillbilly Hefe Weizen, Greg Henley, Extract
07/16/98, Blue Marzen, Anthony Capocelli, All Grain
07/15/98, Molly's Special Bitter, Richard Daines, All Grain
07/15/98, Spiced Cherry Wheat, Dave Bonvicin, All Grain
07/15/98, Belgian Pale Ale, Dave Bonvicin, All Grain
07/12/98, Bad Cat Cascade Pale, Aaron Perry, All Grain
07/10/98, Bohemian pseudo-Pilsner, Ken Schwartz, All Grain
07/10/98, Chocoberry Oatmeal Stout, Clint Gilbert, Partial Mash
07/08/98, Class V Ale, Mark Stenger, Extract
06/22/98, Prenuptial Lager , Tim Neall, All Grain
06/17/98, Madonna & Child Mild, Marlon Hurst, Partial Mash
06/12/98, Smiling tongue whit beer, K.A. BLAINE, Extract
06/09/98, Arrowhead Pale Ale, Donald Moeller/ Tim Neall, Extract
06/09/98, Oud Bruin, Don Blake, All Grain
06/08/98, Hefe-Wizen, Todd Crane, Extract
06/08/98, Blackbeery Imperial Stout, Matt Gadow, All Grain
05/31/98, Blackened Voodoo Lager, Kevin Peters, Partial Mash
05/29/98, Lesh Ale, ShakeDown Street Brewery (aka jonathan edwards), All Grain
05/25/98, Healey Pass Irish Stout, Cliff Brown, All Grain
05/18/98, Smokey's Honey Apple Ale, Kevin Peters/Sean Cosgrove, Extract
05/14/98, Frosty Paws Spring Wheat Beer, Tim Neall, All Grain
05/08/98, Birthday Bock, Cubby Lash, All Grain
05/08/98, The Unrepeatable Pilsner, Cubby Lash, All Grain
04/29/98, Ginger Honey Steam Dark Lager, Mark Stenger, Extract
04/29/98, ESB- #1, John A, All Grain
04/27/98, Mount Olympus ESB II, Bill Davis, Extract
04/26/98, Back Creek Kolsch, Tim Neall and Danny Pattarini, Extract
04/25/98, Patchbaby Porter, Tim Neall, All Grain
04/23/98, Savannahhhh, Aaron Moore, All Grain
04/23/98, Basic Bavarian Weizen, Mark Stevens, Extract
04/20/98, Adjunct Ale (Wheat, Rice and Honey), Gordon Ludlow, Partial Mash
04/19/98, Stella Honey Ale, Brien Kirby, Partial Mash
04/08/98, Dirty Old Man IPA, Chris Olsen, Extract
04/08/98, Toad Brain Chickory Porter, Chris Olsen, Extract
04/08/98, Toad Brain Chickory Porter, Chris Olsen, Extract
04/04/98, Clintonville Pale Ale, Darren Patton, Partial Mash
04/04/98, McRennison's Scottish Ale, Richard Rennison, All Grain
04/02/98, Lone Palm Pilsner, Jeff Combs, Extract
04/02/98, Oktoberfest, Bob Plewnarz, All Grain
03/29/98, Vienna Lager, Bob Plewnarz, Extract
03/15/98, Payne's Irish Stout, Cody Payne, Partial Mash
03/13/98, Cran Berryliner, Grant W. Knechtel, Partial Mash
03/10/98, Stalwart Porter, a.c.bigham, Extract
03/10/98, Old Solstitial, a.c.bigham, Extract
03/06/98, Cascade Canadian Lager, Tim Neall, Partial Mash
03/05/98, Olden Blackened, a.c.bigham, Extract
03/01/98, Gritty's Clone, Tim Neall, Extract
02/23/98, "My Donnas Brown Eyes" Brown Ale, Maury LaPrade, All Grain
02/18/98, Old Jack Barley Wine, John L. Gehringer, Extract
02/16/98, Blocked Up and Bitter, Tim Neall, Extract
02/15/98, Black Bishop Bitter, Tim Neall, Extract
02/13/98, Wild Honey Wheat Ale, Bob's Biohazard Brewery, Extract
02/11/98, Revenge of the Lauter tun Alt, Jon Bovard, All Grain
02/08/98, Rasberry Chocolate bitter, William j montgomery lockard, Partial Mash
02/06/98, Pete's Big Brownie, Pete Krone, Extract
02/04/98, Dark 'n Lovely, todd nelson, All Grain
02/03/98, Portside Barleywine, D. T. Cheek, All Grain
02/01/98, Texas Rick's "Strange Brew" Two Row Nut Brown Ale, Strange Brewer aka "Texas Rick" Olivo, All Grain
01/31/98, La blanche de "Chez-Nous", Pascal Desbiens, All Grain
01/31/98, wise ass red bitter, t g, Extract
01/30/98, FUBAR Barley Winenator, Robert Wise, All Grain
01/29/98, Trotter's Own American Lager, Tim Neall, Extract
01/28/98, Bad Bob's 90S Ale, Bob Tisdale, Partial Mash
01/28/98, Reddish Brown Belgian Ale, Bob Tisdale, Partial Mash
01/27/98, Narness the Crazy, Russell Sherry, All Grain
01/26/98, BFD ESB, Chris Dinsmore, All Grain
01/24/98, Ledyard Brown Ale, Richard Daines, All Grain
01/23/98, Chocolate Dun Stout (A Flyfishermans Dream), Limestone Brewing Company,Burnham Pa, Extract
01/23/98, Chocolate Dun Stout (A Flyfishermans Dream), Limestone Brewing Company,Burnham Pa, Extract
01/23/98, Gino's Apple Death, Brew King, Extract
01/21/98, "Would?" Into the Flood Again IPA, Bill Webber, Partial Mash
01/19/98, Dockyard London Porter, Kelly Beckham, Partial Mash
01/19/98, Irish Eyes Dubliner Stuout, Kelly Beckham, All Grain
01/19/98, Dubliner Irish Stout, Kelly Beckham, Extract
01/19/98, Old Sugarfoot, Kelly Beckham, Extract
01/19/98, New World Order Porter, Jim Myers, All Grain
01/19/98, Freak Haus Honey-Ginseng Amber, Kevin Sanders, Extract
01/19/98, Uncle Clyde's Dog Paw Brown Ale, Keith Haessly, Partial Mash
01/16/98, Sugaree's Chocolate Ale, Jonathan Edwards, Partial Mash
01/15/98, Raspberry Wheatbier, Chris McAtee, Extract
01/13/98, Ronnie's Oatmeal Creme Pie Stout, Josh Ronfeldt, Extract
01/13/98, Holy Grail Trappist Ale, Jay Spies, All Grain
01/12/98, Dave's ESB, Doc Landry, Extract
01/11/98, Deckhead Stout, Jason Henning, All Grain
01/09/98, Honey Winter Wheat, Mike Pensinger, Extract
12/29/97, Berwyn Heights Abbey, Kelly Beckham, Partial Mash
12/27/97, Doc's Chocolate Porter, Doc Landry, Extract
12/17/97, Den's Black Ale, SGT, Extract
12/04/97, Gone a "Rye" IPA, Greg W. Clark, Extract
12/04/97, Special Skull Bitter, Greg W. Clark, Extract
12/01/97, BACKYARD GERMAN PILS, Chris McAtee, All Grain
11/26/97, Chesapeake Scotch Ale, Dan Knotts, Partial Mash
11/23/97, Mad Max Light IPA, Tim Neall, Extract
11/19/97, Old Battie, Mark Stevens, All Grain
11/18/97, P.R.'s Sandcastle Ale, Paul R. Blais, Extract
11/18/97, Androscoggin Mud Stout, Paul R. Blais, Extract
11/16/97, American Amber, Tim Neall, Partial Mash
11/15/97, DTM Christmas Ale, Tim Neall, Extract
11/15/97, Pyment, Tim Neall, Other
11/11/97, Dr. Mom's Magic Elixir, Michael Willis, All Grain
11/11/97, Bonanza Brown Ale, Michael Willis, All Grain
11/10/97, Orange Blossom Honey Ale, jonathan edwards, Partial Mash
11/06/97, Jan's Hospitality Ale, bobbyhart, Extract
11/05/97, Sweet Cyser (Az Style), Charles House, Extract
11/01/97, Kewl Day Kolsch, Phil Bernie, All Grain
10/31/97, Parrothead Lager, Brian Travis, All Grain
10/31/97, "Would?" RWCG Black Cherry Slapshot Stout, Bill Webber, Partial Mash
10/30/97, Cheshire Cat Cherry Wheat, Bob Tisdale, Extract
10/29/97, George's 80 Shilling Ale, Dave Bonvicin, All Grain
10/27/97, Big Apple Hard Cider, Matt Voorhees, Extract
10/26/97, Southern Brown, Mark Stevens, All Grain
10/26/97, Belly Up Barleywine, Mark Stevens, All Grain
10/23/97, Secret Semadhi IPA, Devin Reuther, All Grain
10/23/97, Evergreen ESB, Jeffrey Pitcher, Extract
10/23/97, Too Casual Dunkelweizen, Mark Stevens, Extract
10/21/97, Trippel Play, Mark Stevens, All Grain
10/19/97, 1st Meeting Chocolate Ale, jonathan edwards, Partial Mash
10/19/97, SUMMIT CLONE #1, JRPLNR, All Grain
10/19/97, IPA Lot, Hugh Graham, All Grain
10/15/97, Golden Ale #5, Tom Glowienke, Extract
10/15/97, Cranberry Berliner, Luther Leake, Extract
10/13/97, Lemon Brew, Niel Knudsen, Extract
10/09/97, Apple Wine, Benjamin Rickle, Extract
10/06/97, Beerkrafter's Spiced Mead, John L. Gehringer, Steve Stovall, Extract
10/04/97, IPA, Russell Sherry, All Grain
10/04/97, Imperial Stout, Russell Sherry, All Grain
09/27/97, East India Pale Ale, David White, Extract
09/23/97, KYA Ale, Jonathan Edwareds, Partial Mash
09/19/97, fast carbonated raspberry cider, Marc Gauthier, Extract
09/18/97, Bride's Bitter II, Tim Neall, All Grain
09/16/97, Steve's awesome 1056 (Chico)IPA, Steve C, Extract
09/16/97, Surrey Slur, Jeff Osborn, Partial Mash
09/15/97, Dark & Wicked Mead, Rand Carrothers, Other
09/11/97, Oop's IPA, Darren Gaylor, All Grain
09/11/97, Offshore Apricot Ale, Matt Gadow, All Grain
09/05/97, Hoover's Cream Ale, Chip Town, Extract
08/29/97, Lenny's Special Amber, Len Spencer, Extract
08/29/97, Aussie's Barley Whine, A Shapiro, Extract
08/27/97, NORTONVILLE ENGLISH PALE, John Hendrickson, All Grain
08/26/97, 221 Jahre Altbier, Eric Flesher, All Grain
08/26/97, La Puttana Troia Pale Ale, Eric Flesher, All Grain
08/25/97, Sloblock Mild, Eric Flesher, All Grain
08/24/97, Honey Bock, Michael P. Shimko, Partial Mash
08/22/97, Puppy Surprise, Bryan J. Maloney, All Grain
08/22/97, Drowsy Duck II, Bryan J. Maloney, All Grain
08/21/97, Bad Cat Stout, Kent Wilkinson, Extract
08/21/97, Dancing Penguin, Bryan J. Maloney, All Grain
08/21/97, Summer Wheat Beer, Tim Neall, Extract
08/20/97, Pax River Pale Ale, Tim Neall, Extract
08/20/97, "Fairway Bunker" Brown Ale ESB, Bill Webber, Extract
08/18/97, Winners Alt, Peter Santerre, All Grain
08/17/97, Aggie Bumpkin Pumpkin Ale, Dave Fougeron, Extract
08/17/97, Underwurld Bavarian Dark, Dave Fougeron, Extract
08/17/97, Wanderer's Wit, Dave Fougeron, Extract
08/17/97, Old Reliable, Dave Fougeron, Extract
08/17/97, Summer Time American Ale, Steve Belt, All Grain
08/13/97, Braggot #2, Mark Stevens, Extract
08/11/97, SCHWECHATER MARZEN, Chris McAtee, All Grain
08/10/97, Barkshack Gingermead, Peter Czap (from the book by Charlie Papazian), Extract
08/07/97, Katapult Kolsch, Dave Johnson, All Grain
08/06/97, Lascivious Lemon Lager, Deluxe Cheese Brewing Company, Extract
08/05/97, New Millennium Melomel, Dave Fougeron, Other
08/04/97, AFTER WORK ALE, PAUL KOLIS, Extract
08/04/97, Good OLE Summer Ale, Mike Peterson, Extract
07/30/97, Easy Oatmeal Stout, Arnie Church, All Grain
07/28/97, Trademark Violation Steam Beer #1, Bob Kulawiec, Extract
07/27/97, RIVER RAISIN IPA, Seniorbrewer, All Grain
07/26/97, Payne's Scotch Ale, Cody Payne, Partial Mash
07/16/97, WINTER WIT, Chris McAtee, All Grain
07/09/97, Mayfield, Paul Racko, Long Beach Homebrewers, Extract
07/08/97, Hampton English Pale, Brian Casey, All Grain
07/06/97, KALLE'S GERMAN PILS, Chris McAtee, All Grain
07/06/97, Evanston on Trent Pale Ale, Don Kucera & Chris Thomas, All Grain
07/02/97, "Would?" Ragin' Raspberry Ale, Bill Webber, Extract
07/02/97, Dunkelweizen, Mark Stevens, Partial Mash
06/29/97, Brian's Bitchin' Brew, Flyin' Brian, Extract
06/29/97, Parker's Extra Special Bitter, Collin Parker, All Grain
06/18/97, american red lagar, kris reitz, Extract
06/12/97, Mt. Stout, Rev. Bob Broderick, Extract
06/12/97, D&B's Saint Somebodies trapist ale, Dave Lane, All Grain
06/11/97, Honeydew lambic #2, E. Burton, Extract
06/08/97, Oatmeal Cream Stout, Michael Middleton, Extract
06/08/97, Mikhail's Maple Nut Brown Ale, Michael Middleton, Extract
05/29/97, Whale Pale Ale, Douglass Blair, All Grain
05/26/97, Strong & Dark Scott, Shane Thibodeau, Extract
05/25/97, Pete's Marzen, Pete Campagna, Partial Mash
05/23/97, Pale Ale, Russell Sherry, All Grain
05/21/97, Quick & Easy Authentic German Bock, Darin Smith, Extract
05/19/97, Lightning Creek Moostash Lager, Guy Gregory, All Grain
05/16/97, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale Ripoff, Craig Rode, All Grain
05/15/97, Batch #6 Brown, Mark Perlioni, Extract
05/13/97, Burton's Honey Pale Ale, Christopher P. Burton, Extract
05/10/97, Gregory Harts public house Irish stout ale, Gregory Hart, Extract
05/08/97, Bride's Bitter, Tim Neall, All Grain
05/06/97, Monk on my back Trappist Ale, Gene Kane / Jeramy Simonian, Partial Mash
05/03/97, Mad River ESB, Eric Morse, All Grain
05/02/97, Bauneg Beg Stout, Stephen Johnson, Partial Mash
05/01/97, Dubbel Trubbel, Mark Stevens, All Grain
04/30/97, Steve's Summer Stout, Steve C, Extract
04/29/97, Cook's Pale Ale, Doug Cook, Extract
04/29/97, B.M. Brown, Byron L. Morton, All Grain
04/28/97, Breaksfast Stout, Ilya Goldberg, Extract
04/26/97, specialty ale, rob sessions, Other
04/25/97, The Great BrewHolio Pre-Prohibition American Pils (17 Us gallons), Scott Abene, All Grain
04/21/97, Spouse's Alt, Victor Early, All Grain
04/20/97, Jurassic Steam Porter, Dr. C's Brainbuster Brewery, All Grain
04/16/97, RHETT'S REAL BITTER, Chris McAtee, All Grain
04/15/97, Cherry Melomel, Collin Parker, Other
04/15/97, Pale Summer I.P.A., Collin Parker, All Grain
04/14/97, Scottie's Scrumdiddlyumptious Porter, Scott Gruber, Extract
04/12/97, Yulefest Ale, Tim Schaid, Extract
04/12/97, Spring Into Stout, Collin Parker, All Grain
04/10/97, Creamy Cream Ale, Jim Tapper, Extract
04/10/97, Uberlegen Altbier, Scott Miller, Extract
04/09/97, chickenhead black, Bastardization of C. Papazian's Limp Richard's, Extract
04/05/97, German Honey Wheat, Robert K. Tracy, Extract
04/05/97, Robert's Maibock, Robert K. Tracy, Extract
04/05/97, German Dunkel (variant), Michael Ledlow , Extract
04/04/97, BIG DICKS BROWN STEAM, Richard Lonczynski, Partial Mash
04/02/97, Lou's ESB, Doug Cook, Extract
04/01/97, Roasted Nut & Honey, Lou Currier, Extract
03/29/97, Sinister Stout, Dan Clapp, Extract
03/28/97, Homie's McMurphy Stout, Mark Freeman, All Grain
03/26/97, Pucker Up Pilsner, Pete Krone, Extract
03/25/97, Big Dicks Scottish Sting, R Lonczynski, Partial Mash
03/25/97, Hot Stuff, Mark Stevens, Extract
03/24/97, Brother Sebatian's Abbey Style Belgian Ale, Michel J. Brown, All Grain
03/22/97, 80 Love, Richard Daines, Partial Mash
03/21/97, WINTER WITBIER, Chris McAtee, All Grain
03/21/97, "What are you lookin' at ALE", Gary Vogelenzang, All Grain
03/20/97, New Year Wheat Porter, Tim Neall, Extract
03/20/97, Stone Groove, Mark Stevens, Extract
03/20/97, All American Wheat, Mark Stevens, Extract
03/11/97, Clan Cameron 120d, John Lemke, All Grain
03/10/97, Dunkelweizen, Mark Stevens, All Grain
03/09/97, Beerkrafter's Hell Raising Helles, The Puget Sound Beerkrafter's, All Grain
03/06/97, Ye Olde Prayer (belgian strong ale), Russell Sherry, All Grain
03/06/97, Yak Weizen, Russell Sherry, All Grain
03/05/97, Yellow Dog Bitt Her, Jason Brupbacher, Extract
03/04/97, pearl city pale ale , D K ATKINS, Extract
03/01/97, Speelyai Porter, Kent Wilkinson, Extract
02/28/97, Garfield's Marzen, David Settles, Extract
02/27/97, Lunker Lager, Gary Galopin, All Grain
02/25/97, Browns Heart of Dixie ESB, Brown Cribbs, All Grain
02/24/97, Best Bitter #2, Lindsay Enzminger, Extract
02/21/97, rice wine (whisky, brewer, Extract
02/21/97, Black Knight Stout, Steve Wolf, Extract
02/19/97, Montana White , Lindsay Enzminger , Extract
02/18/97, Kitchen sink smoked ale, Tom Everett, Extract
02/18/97, Wee Heavy Molasses Ale, Scott Cost, All Grain
02/18/97, Polish Imperial Stout (PIS), dan raphael dlugonski, Extract
02/18/97, E Beer, dan raphael, Extract
02/17/97, 42 brown ale, Brian Newton, All Grain
02/16/97, Third Stone Imperial Stout, John Setzler, Partial Mash
02/14/97, Smithmeister, Smith Lammers, All Grain
02/10/97, American IPA, Mark Rancourt, All Grain
02/08/97, Without a Ladder Cantaloupe Wheat Ale, Matt Barr, Extract
02/07/97, Murphy's Irish Brother John's Stout, John Holder, Paranet Inc., Partial Mash
02/07/97, Homie's McGuinness Stout, Mark Freeman, All Grain
02/06/97, Colorado Extraordinary, Sean O'Connell, All Grain
02/06/97, Ruby Red IPA, Lou Flum, Extract
02/06/97, Bob's Bitter, Darren Gaylor, All Grain
02/04/97, Better than Anchor Steam , Charles Somerdyk, Extract
02/03/97, Copy of Snow Goose, Chris king, All Grain
02/03/97, KRAZY KREAM ALE, Chris McAtee, All Grain
02/03/97, St. Nick's Slick Christmas Lager, Drew Avis, Extract
02/02/97, Bill's Best Dopplebock, Bill Wagstaff, Extract
02/01/97, High Octane Mead, Tony Owens, Extract
02/01/97, Muthors Stout, Mark Lucia, All Grain
02/01/97, Black Dog Porter, Mark Lucia, All Grain
01/29/97, Honey Hazel Nut Brown Ale, John Maupin, Extract
01/28/97, Darth Vader's Imperial Stout (The Dark Side), Tim Black, Partial Mash
01/27/97, Number 30, Patrick McCracken and David Morgan, All Grain
01/27/97, #31, David Morgan and Patrick McCracken, All Grain
01/26/97, Marie's Raspberry Weizen, Akula, Partial Mash
01/26/97, Liberty ALE IPA, Chris King, All Grain
01/26/97, ESB, Chris King, All Grain
01/26/97, NW American Pale Ale, Chris King, All Grain
01/26/97, Contest winning Brown Ale, Chris King, All Grain
01/22/97, Munich Helles, Steve Casey, Extract
01/22/97, substantial honey ale, jeff blackmon, Extract
01/22/97, Tall Brunette Brown Ale, David Luckie, Extract
01/21/97, Four C's Mid western Ale, matt peterson, All Grain
01/21/97, Lightning Creek Columbus IPA, Guy Gregory, All Grain
01/20/97, McATEER OATMEAL STOUT, Chris McAtee, All Grain
01/16/97, Amber's First Shot Golden (well kinda) Ale, Brad Wood, Extract
01/16/97, Czars Private Stock, Mark Stevens, Extract
01/15/97, Sex In A Bottle Coffee Stout, Moses Fridman, Extract
01/15/97, "RWST" Scottish Ale (Rich, Wade, Steve & Tom..), Richard Turietta, Extract
01/14/97, Mikes Bitter, Michael Marshburn, All Grain
01/13/97, holiday old ale, Jason fay, All Grain
01/13/97, Lightning Creek Porter, Guy Gregory, All Grain
01/11/97, Father Ted, Steve Chroscicki, All Grain
01/10/97, Pete's Grand Hefewit Cru, Pete Krone, Extract
01/10/97, Scott's Super Simple Stout, Scott Dexter, Extract
01/08/97, Jerry Red, Skip Halpin, All Grain
01/07/97, (Irish)Republican Stout, Skip Halpin, All Grain
01/06/97, Walk on the Wild Cider, David Luckie, Other
01/06/97, Apple Scrumpy, David Luckie, Other
01/06/97, buzzards gonad condensate, chris mcatee, All Grain
01/06/97, Corwin's Honey Porter, Greg Corwin, Other
01/03/97, Pale Moonlight Ale, Brander "badger" Roullett, Partial Mash
01/02/96, 34 Knights Export Scotch Ale, Steve McRuiz, Extract
12/30/96, Lemon Honey Wheat, Bill Reed, Extract
12/21/96, Sam Who's Boston Style Ale???, Allen Reynolds, Extract
12/21/96, Chris' Favorite Old Ale, Allen Reynolds, Extract
12/19/96, Mom's Special Ale, Steve McRuiz, Extract
12/19/96, ESB, Rene Derieux, Extract
12/19/96, pale ale , Mark Harrison, All Grain
12/19/96, Biscuit Brown Ale, Phil Tully, Extract