Bock to Basics

Source: dan raphael
Recipe added: 02/17/02

Last couple times I'd tried getting bigger and darker (more doppel-y) with my annual bock. This time I went bag to simpler, and I plan now to stay there. This would age well if I could keep my hands off it.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 6 gallons
Starting Gravity: .080
Finishing Gravity: .024
Time in Boil: 1 hr
Primary Fermentation: 4 weeks



crack whole grains, bring to boil, steep for five minutes. Boil with malts and honey. After 45 mintues add 1/2 oz willamette; after 60 minutes add other 1/2, take off heat. Begin sparging 5 minutes later. First five days at normal temp, then down to basement (55 degress) for next 3 weeks.
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