Scottie's Scrumdiddlyumptious Porter

Source: Scott Gruber
Recipe added: 04/14/97

Any worries were pretty much for naught cause this is probably my best brew yet. It's sweet and chocolaty. Nice mouthfeel, incredible had retention. Belgian lace. And the yeast really sticks to the bottom of the bottle so you don't get a lot of floaties in your glass. Who-ha-ha-ho! Can't wait to get home from work to have another one. Whooahooa! Sorry, that was a little overkill. Next time (and I will make this again. Oh, yes. I will make this again) I'll cut back on the priming sugar a bit to make it less carbonated and more creamy.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5 Gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.055
Finishing Gravity: 1.022
Time in Boil: 1 hour
Primary Fermentation: 8 days
Secondary Fermentation: 2 weeks



Crack the grains a lot. Bag them. Slowly bring water up to a boil, letting it hold at around 175-200 degrees for a while. Then add your bittering hops and ME and stuff. I forget how many minutes the flavor hops went for. Maybe 10. Anyway, cool and pitch yeast. Let it ferment for a week. This is where the weird stuff happened. After 8 days, when I opened the primary to rack it to secondary, the stuff was still going full-blast. Kreusen foam and all bubbly and stuff. So I racked it anyway. I didn't want to leave it on the primary trub for too long. I was sorta worried, but it seemed fine in the secondary. Left it in there 2 weeks, bottled it.
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