Blue Moon Ale Clone

Source: Marc D. Battreall
Recipe added: 09/12/03
Email: Marc D. Battreall
URL: Marc D. Battreall

Kit wanted to replicate the tartness in Blue Moon ale. I am not sure exactly which ingredient it was, but I brewed a Belgian style ale a while back and all of my friends were subjected to a taste test comparison using Blue Moon itself. The results, not only could they not tell the difference, they chose my homebrew as being better 9 out of 10!! The recipe I used follows. Nothing special about the procedure, just your ordinary extract homebrew. It was (didn't last long) one of the better brews I have made as far as a extract brew goes. Clear, crisp, semi-sweet and had a wonderful spicy yet floral aroma. Hope this helps you out, Marc ============================================ The reason a dog has so many friends is because he wags his tail, not his tongue!


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5 Gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.059
Finishing Gravity: 1.010
Time in Boil: 45 mins
Primary Fermentation: 7
Secondary Fermentation: 9



Above is all you need.
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