Cooks Lake Laurentian Cider

Source: Scotch Road Breweries (Dave Cameron, Brewmaster)
Recipe added: 09/27/03

This will make quite the sweet hard cider. Perfect for cold days in the fall and winter. Enjoy this cider warm or cold.


Recipe type: Other
Batch Size: 19 Litres
Starting Gravity: 1.046
Finishing Gravity: 1.075
Time in Boil: 1-2 Hours
Primary Fermentation: 7 Days
Secondary Fermentation: 4 Days



Boil 26.5 Lires of Cider down to about 19 litres. This will make quite the sweet hard cider. Transfer to primary fermenter. Let cool until about 80F, then sprinkle yeast. After 7 days, transfer to secondary fermenter. After about 3 days, cap your secondary, this will build up carbonation. Final product about 10 percent
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