Lazy Brown Dog

Source: Richard Sloan
Recipe added: 10/29/03

My first all-grain batch. A very nice session beer. Lightly malty with dark rye bread and a hint of chocolate flavor.


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5 gal
Starting Gravity: 1.038
Finishing Gravity: 1.010
Time in Boil: 60 min
Primary Fermentation: plastic



Mashed @ 152 deg with 10 qts water. Batch sparge @ 156 deg with 10 qts water. Fly sparged with another 3-4 qts to collect approx 5 gal wort for 60 min boil. Finished with just under 4 gal wort. Added 4 liters chilled water to bring volume up to 5 gal. Pitched 500ml yeast starter into well aerated wort. Bottled after 7 days in primary with 1 cup Light DME.
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