Black Liq"IRISH"

Source: Jeremy Struffert
Recipe added: 11/21/03

This is a 2 gallon (US) recipe. My FG was a little high because of a stuck fermentation that would not start back up. If you reconfigure this recipe for 5 gallons use a starter, you WILL need it...I used a pitchable tube with enough yeast for 5 gallons and it still stuck. Ended up with a beer that is very dark (hence the name)with hints of ruby. It is still young, but it is really good...almost a winter warmer flavor with a coffee after taste. 8.6% ABV for this batch.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 2
Starting Gravity: 1.086
Finishing Gravity: 1.020
Time in Boil: 60
Primary Fermentation: 6 days
Secondary Fermentation: 10 days
Additional Fermentation: Bottle Conditioned



Steep grains in 155-165 degree water for 30-35 min. After steeping remove grains and bring water to boil. Remove from heat and add the DME. Boil for 60 min and follow the hop schedual. Chill and pitch yeast.
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