Ye Ole Oat Stout

Source: Robert Grier
Recipe added: 09/18/04

I used a 6.5 gallon primary fermenter and removed the lid and covered it with a cloth for a day and a half then replaced the lid. The first batch blew the lid off after the air lock became clogged. This beer ferments real fast and was ready for consumption at the 6 week mark, I thought that was remarkable considering the alc content. Very smooth and rich a sipping beer primed very light to keep it that way


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.092
Finishing Gravity: 1.014
Time in Boil: 60 min
Primary Fermentation: 10 days
Secondary Fermentation: 8 days



1) Boil 3 gallons of water to sanitize cover and cool to room temp. 2) Start yeast starter with scottish ale yeast and 1/2 lb of DME 24 to 48 hours 3) In five gallon pot add barley and oats (muslin bag optional) bring to 150-165 degrees and hold for 45 mins. (I use a big steel mesh basket) strain grains pour wort back into pot and rinse grains with hot waterinto pot to equal 3 to 3.5 gallons. 4) bring to boil add extracts and hops at prescribed times 5) chill wort to aprox 70-80 degrees and top up to 5 gallons in primary fermenter. 6) Pitch yeast starter and ferment at about 70 degrees. 7) Rack to secondary 8) Prime with 3.5 oz corn sugar
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