Feather Light

Source: Dave Bond
Recipe added: 03/23/05
Email: d.bond@earth.leeds.ac.uk

This is a simple to make but tasty, light session beer, very pale gold in colour, with an ABV of 4.4%. The cascade hops come through really well, and are still fairly uncommon in beers made in England.


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 20 Litres
Starting Gravity: 1043
Finishing Gravity: 1010
Time in Boil: 90 mins
Primary Fermentation: 5 days
Secondary Fermentation: 1 day



Mash the malt (90 mins) at 66 C and run off to boiler. Start yeast with a small quantity of wort in a covered container. Boil (90 mins), adding 2nd batch of hops and Irish Moss for last 15 mins. Cool and pitch yeast at about 25 C. Place fermenting bin under airlock (this is a bottom fermenting yeast). Drop after 4/5 days. Cask when gravity reaches 1010, with a handful of hops.
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