Klingon Blood Wine

Source: Michael J Hayes
Recipe added: 08/10/05
Email: hayes1603@webtv.net

This recipe will make about 5 gallions of a home brew that tast like a dry red wine at about 14% abv. The Kool-Aid mix has citric acid in it that will invert the suger to give it a better fermentation. The Turbo Klar 24 will clear up the fermentation and give you a clean dry red wine like tast! Tip --- Put in pitcher with ice and some 7up, makes a good drink! The Klingon Empire would be honored!


Recipe type: Other
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.086
Finishing Gravity: 994.5
Time in Boil: 30 min
Primary Fermentation: 5 to 7 days, or till fermentation stops
Secondary Fermentation: 1 day to clear - use turbo klar 24 clearing agent



In a 5 gallon pot heat 3 gallons of water to a boil. Mix in 10lb to 12lb suger. mix in 10 to 15 packs Kool-AID. Boil suger water Kool-Aid mix for 30 min. Boil 2 gallons water in other pot to top off fermenter to 5 gallons. Cool suger water Kool-Aid mix to below 80f. Cool 2 gallons water in other pot to below 80f. Pore suger water Kool-Aid mix in fermenter. Top off fermenter with 2 gallons water in outher pot. Add Turbo Yeast and put on airlock. Ferment 5 to 7 days till fermentation stops. Rack to other fermenter and add Turbo Klar 24 Clering Agent. After 24 hours it is ready. Drink up!
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