Source: John
Recipe added: 11/04/05

Recommend use of blow off hose in primary ferment. Hops can be varied to your taste. I havn't calculated HBUs, specifig gravity or alcohol content in years. Would estimate about 12-13% alcohol content by volume. Heavy complex hop character offsets sweetness. Was not able to wait 4 months with 1st batch but it is worth wait. Gets better witrh longer aging periods.


Recipe type: Partial Mash
Batch Size: 5 US gallons
Starting Gravity:
Finishing Gravity:
Time in Boil: 75 minutes
Primary Fermentation: 10 days in glass
Secondary Fermentation: 3 weeks in glass
Additional Fermentation: prolonged bottle conditioning, at least 4 months



Crack grains, heat 2 gallons brew water to 170F, remove from heat and steep grains for 20 minutes. Sparge and top off to 3 gallons. Turn heat back on add malt extracts, honey, DME and molasses slowly stirring frequently to prevent scorching. Bring to roiling boil, add hops at following schedule 1 oz Chinook and 1 oz Northern brewer at boil (75 minutes) 1 oz Chinnok and 1 oz Northern brewer at 60 minutes 1 oz Cascade and 1 oz Willamette at 40 minutes 1 oz Willameete at 20 minutes. 1 oz Cascade end of boil. Add 1 tspn Irish moss 15 minutes before end of boil. Ice bath to chill. Rack to primary fermenter and top off to 5 gallons with brew water. When temp is below 90F pitch Ale yeast. Primary fermenter for 7 days. Rack to secondary and pitch champagne yeast, Secondary ferment for 3 weeks. Prime with 3/4 cup corn sugar and bottle. Bottle condition at room temp for 2 weeks then condition at cellar temp for at least 4 months. Enjoy!!!!
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