Whale Pale Ale

Source: Douglass Blair
Recipe added: 05/29/97
Email: ibdoug@netlink.ney.com.au
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A very drinkable beer, especially if served around 10 deg C. AT FIRST THE DRY HOPPING SEEMS OVER THE TOP, BUT A COUPLE OF DAYS THEY MELLOW OUT NICELY. A few of our members have variations of this brew using Cascade flowers,and it works nicely.


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 120 litres
Starting Gravity: 1.050
Finishing Gravity: 1.010
Time in Boil: 90 mins
Primary Fermentation: 5 days @ 22 deg C.
Secondary Fermentation: 4 days @ 20 deg C.
Additional Fermentation: 14 days in keg @ 4 deg C under Co2



2.5 : 1 rario Mash In @ 50 deg C for 20 mins Saachrification @ 68 deg C for 120 mins. Mash Out @ 76 deg C for 5 mins. Sparge @ 75 deg C with 2 :1 ratio of Mash Water. Wort chill to 22 deg C and top up to 120 litres with boiled and cooled water. Pitch aprox. 2 litres of active " PEETYEAST" London Ale Yeast. Rack at day 5. Rack to keg at day 9 and dry hop.
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