Jerry Red

Source: Skip Halpin
Recipe added: 01/08/97

"JERRY RED" got it's name from my personal assistant, MR.JERRY CULLEN-my friend's four year-old son,who basically ran around the kitchen, (in mitt's!!)Bragging to his sibling's,and parents about how he's BREWING the BEER!!!! We fermented @ room temp. and by some ultimate favor of the BREW GODS, this ALE turned out bitchin'.This is also a line from the song -"YOU CAN"T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT"You know the line:"...MY FAVORITE FLAVOR,JERRY RED." and of course,who could ever forget JERRY GARCIA!!! GOD BLESS.A quick one from UNCLE BUCK-"This ALE is what I call A "FRIENDLY BEER".


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5Gal.
Starting Gravity: 1044
Finishing Gravity: 1002
Time in Boil: 60 Min
Primary Fermentation: 2 Days
Secondary Fermentation: 7 Days
Additional Fermentation: -0-



mash 1 hr. @ 150 deg.F ,sparge with 180+deg. F,boil 60min. using german hop schedule (1.66 oz.cascade- boil 60 min.)(1oz. willamette-aroma 30 min)(1oz. willamette-2 min. fin.)chill wort A.S.A.P.!!,pitch yeast and duck!!!!
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