Easy Oatmeal Stout

Source: Arnie Church
Recipe added: 07/30/97
Email: achurch592@aol.com

This is the best stout I have ever had! Extremely smooth and rich. My friends love it (but complain that they don't enjoy Sam Smith's Oatmeal stout, Murphy's or guinness any more). I've made this 5 times with good (repeatable) results. The only problem with this recipe is that a keg of it only lasts 2 weeks!


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 6 Gal
Starting Gravity: 055
Finishing Gravity: 015
Time in Boil: 2hrs
Primary Fermentation: 1 wk
Secondary Fermentation: 2 wk



I have soft water so I filter it and add 1/4 Tsp gypsum and 3/4 Tsp table salt (6 Gal) Mash at 152 F (3 gal filtered water + salts) Mash all grains and oatmeal Sparge to collect 6 Gal Boil 2 hours 1 hour into boil add hops (I check gravity and adjust boil time to acheive 30 IBU) 10 min left in boil add Cinnamon cool and place in fermenter add yeast 1 wk pri 2 wk sec Keg (bottle if you must)
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