Wanderer's Wit

Source: Dave Fougeron
Recipe added: 08/17/97
Email: DFusion@aol.com

This is a pretty tasty beverage, if your into Wit. It was pretty assertive and spicy, but very clean tasting.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5 gal
Starting Gravity: 1.054
Finishing Gravity: 1.014
Time in Boil: 90 min
Primary Fermentation: Until head collapse
Secondary Fermentation: Until done (?)



Grain steeped at 160F for 30 min in 2 1/2 gal of water. Added extract and brought to boil. Saaz hops added at 30 min. Liberty hops added at 85 min. 1/2 oz orange peel and 1/2 oz grapefruit peel also added at 85 min. Cooled to 70F and raised liquid level to 5 gallons. Pitched yeast. Added coriander and 1/2 tsp of botth grapefriut and orange peel to secondary. Added 3/4 cup corn sugar to prime.
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