Underwurld Bavarian Dark

Source: Dave Fougeron
Recipe added: 08/17/97
Email: DFusion@aol.com

This is a very basic recipe, but the results are outstanding. This brew won 1st place in the Dark Ale category in the 1997 Aggieland Brewfest in College Station, Texas. The final product was incredibly smooth with an AMAZING malty taste.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Starting Gravity: ?
Finishing Gravity: ?
Time in Boil: 45 min
Primary Fermentation: 3 days
Secondary Fermentation: 5 days



Bioled extract for 45 min. Added Irish moss and yeast nutrient 30 min into boil. Added hops at last 5 min. Sprinkeld cinnamon at end of boil. Cooled down, and pitched yeast (a starter culture was made). Primed with 3/4 cup corn sugar
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