Honey Bock

Source: Michael P. Shimko
Recipe added: 08/24/97
Email: shimko@maui.net
URL: http://www.maui.net

The initial fermantation would be better controlled if begun at 60. And primary at 50 deg F. If your mashing technique is effecient, you may want to eliminate the Rice Syrup and 1# DME. That would bring the recipe closer to what was originally intended. I did not anticipate the yield I acheived since this was my first attempt at a "real" mash procedure without the Lauter Tun and sparging equipment.. Enjoy!


Recipe type: Partial Mash
Batch Size: 5 gal
Starting Gravity: 1.096
Finishing Gravity: 1.020
Time in Boil: 60 min
Primary Fermentation: 14 days at 60 deg. F
Secondary Fermentation: 30 days at 45 deg F
Additional Fermentation: None -Better if lagered



2-weeks before brew day :1) Roast 2-row pilsner mal; for the "Deep Copper" roast moist at 400 deg F for 50 min, and the "Deep Amber" moist at 400 deg F for 25 min. 2) Start yeast pouch. 1-week before brew day: Prepare yeast starter. Brew Day: Crack grain and let the fun begin! Use a German 2-Step Mash for the "partial" mash phase of this recipe. Hydrate irish moss. Bring wort to boil, turn off heat and add extracts and adjuncts and disolve. Return wort to boil and add bittering hops. Boil 30 min. and add character hops, yeast nutrient, and irish moss. Then, for the last 10 min. add aroma hops, cover and turn off heat. Chill and pitch yeast starter. Let fermentation begin at room temperature. Once high krauesen is reached, reduce temp slowly to 60 deg F. After fermant reaches 1/3 of its OG rack to secondary and reduce temp to 40 deg F (drop 4 deg per day). Bottle with 1/2 cup DME. Let the bottle sit at room temp for one week, then lager for 6 weeks-minimum!
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