Dark & Wicked Mead

Source: Rand Carrothers
Recipe added: 09/15/97
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Recipe type: Other
Batch Size: 2 Gallons
Starting Gravity:
Finishing Gravity:
Time in Boil:
Primary Fermentation: 3 Months
Secondary Fermentation: at least 3 Months



In 3/4 Gallon of water, bring honey & molasses to very hot, but not boiling, and hold for 30 minutes. Add acid blend and tannin with 5 minutes left. Add other ingredients while cooling to prepare for fermentation. Top off to 2 gallons with water, (I use 2 one gallon glass jugs). Pitch yeast (1/2 in each jug). Primary for 3 months. Secondary for minimum of 3 months. Bottle with 1/4 cup corn sugar to prime. Try it in a month. Best in 3 months.
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