Source: Jonathan Edwareds
Recipe added: 09/23/97

Date Started : 09/14/1997 Date Bottled : / / Starting Gravity : 1.070 Ending Gravity : 1.014 Alcohol content : 7.2% Hop IBUs : 46.20 This receipe was my interpretation of Old Wicked Ale, which is an all grain receipe found in Cat's Meow. This is a strong brew...and came out very successful. It's highly hopped but this combines nicely with the high content of malts. The wyeast #1728 gives the brew a nice smokey flavor.This was my first attempt at a partial mash..and it came out very well. So..try it. but be careful...KYA Ale will kick your ass if your not careful! :-)


Recipe type: Partial Mash
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.07
Finishing Gravity: 1.014
Time in Boil: 60 minutes
Primary Fermentation: 3 days
Secondary Fermentation: 5 days



brewed kya ale today. heated 4 quarts of water to 130 degrees F. Disolved 1tsp gypsum in water. Add grains to water. Temp. stablized at about 123 degrees F. had trouble getting it back down to 120. added heat and held at for 30 minutes. temp was hard to control, kept between 123-126F. raised the temp to about 132F, added 1 1/2quarts of boiling water. temp raised to 140F, added head to 150F for 10 minutes. raised temp to 158-160F for 20 minutes. realized i had no iodine. continued at 160F for another 15 minutes just to make sure. poured mash into lauter-tun and sparged with 1 gallon of water at 170F. Brought to boil, added syrup and extract. Added bouillon hops. Boiled 50 minutes, added 1/2oz of Fruggles. at 55 minutes added last 1/2oz hops and 1tsp Irish Moss. Cooled mash to about 90F, added to fermenter with chilled water. Temp was 74F when liquid yeast culture was added.
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