New World Order Porter

Source: Jim Myers
Recipe added: 01/19/98

A beautiful beer so round it rolls. I formulated this beer to have no edges whatsoever, and all the ingredients conspire towards this end. The rich base malt, smooth-yet-dark Caramunich and slightly spicy brown malt provide a rich foundation for this beer, full of complexity but not rough. The exact variety of bittering hops probably doesn't matter too much, but noble finishing hops are requisite. I use Hallertauer, but I suspect Saaz would be excellent as well. The yeast is critical. Wyeast's Swedish Ale yeast (1742) accentuates the malt, leaving behind a flowery aroma that jives oh-so-well with noble finishing hops. Wyeast London Special (1968) or the ubiquitous American Ale (1056) would probably work just fine. Enjoy, and please let me know how you like this beer and how you modify it to suit your particular likes and needs.


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5 gal
Starting Gravity: 1.053
Finishing Gravity: 1.014
Time in Boil: 75 min
Primary Fermentation: 5-7 days
Secondary Fermentation: 2 weeks
Additional Fermentation: 2 weeks in bottles/keg



Mash in with 11 qt of 162 F water. Single infusion mash at 153 F. Mash out at 170 F, sparge with 170 F water. Collect 7 gal of wort. Boil 90 minutes, adding hops at 60, 20 and 1 min 'til end of boil according to above schedule. Primary, secondary and conditioning at approx. 65 F.
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