Bad Bob's 90S Ale

Source: Bob Tisdale
Recipe added: 01/28/98

This beer was at its best after about 4 weeks in the bottle.


Recipe type: Partial Mash
Batch Size: 5 gal
Starting Gravity: 1.056
Finishing Gravity: 1.012
Time in Boil: 2 hrs
Primary Fermentation: 6 Days
Secondary Fermentation: 21 Days
Additional Fermentation: 14 Days conditioning



Use a 3 stage mash for the grain to reduce the starch and protein. Sparge the grains in enough water to bring total volume to 3.5 gallons. Add all malt, sugar, gypsum, and boil for 1 hour. Add hops and boil for 1 hour. Add Irish Moss last 15 minutes. Add water as needed to keep volume up to 3.5 gallons. Chill wort (ice bath in sink), transfer to primary, bring to 5 gal. volume, aerate, and pitch yeast. The 2 hour boil was to get a higher degree of caramelization of the sugars. Water was added during the boil in order to keep the volume at 2.5 gallons.
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