Clintonville Pale Ale

Source: Darren Patton
Recipe added: 04/04/98

This batch is still a week young in the bottle, but very good. My hat to Walter, the scientist, for a desire to taste knowledge as well as good homebrew. How he is going to keep the dry-hops from tapping into his glass from the kegg, I have no solution other than an O' ring and a filter sponge/copper pot scrubber. Good brew to all. Get some in ya!


Recipe type: Partial Mash
Batch Size: 5.0 Gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.075
Finishing Gravity: 1.019
Time in Boil: 1 hour
Primary Fermentation: 5 Days
Secondary Fermentation: 7 days, Dry Hop
Additional Fermentation: none



3/16 Heated 4qts water to 170. Added 3.5lb Cara-pils and .5lb 20L crystal. Put in 170' oven for 1hr - temp settled at 140 after 45 minutes - may not have converted well. Sparged with 1.5gal water at 170. Boiled for 1hr with 2oz Centenial, 4lbs Alexanders pale LME and 2.5lbs MF LDME. Last 2 minutes with 1oz Centenialstrained into primary. Added cold water to equal 5 gallons. Added 1968 Special English Wyeast 3/17 No yeast activity - aggitated vigoursly for one minute - will check later - hope it starts - starter was VERY slow 03/20 After the previous good stir, fermentation took off fast. Finished in four days - moved to secondary and added 2oz Centenial to dry hop with 1oz oak chips. We will see. . . 03/29 Bottled with 1cup DME - Very Bitter but tasty 04/03 God, is this tasty - just four days in the bottle and I am making this recipe tomorrow with 30L Crystal for deeper colour.
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