RePete Red

Source: Pete Gleneski
Recipe added: 08/08/98

This is an inexpensive but yet fabulous tasting brew! It is a lighter crisp tasting beer with fruity overtones and good taste. It tastes sort of like a cross between a Killians Red and a Sam Adams Boston Lager. I get great reviews from both homebrewers and non homebrewers. It is by far my most requested beer!


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 4 Gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.042
Finishing Gravity: 1.005
Time in Boil: 60 min.
Primary Fermentation: 1 week
Secondary Fermentation: 1 week



Crush and steep grains until boil. Remove grains and add malt extract and sugars. Bring wort to a boil and and then add boiling hops and allow to boil for 60 min. With 30 mins. left of the boil, add 2nd boiling hops. With 15 mins. left of the boil, add finishing hops. When finished boiling, cool wort and strain to primary fermenter. Pitch yeast when temp is under 100 F. Ferment in primary for one week then transfer to secondary, add dry hops and ferment for an additional week. Prime with 1/2 cup corn surgar or keg. For best taste, let age for at least one week. Mmmm mmm good!
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