Source: Matthew Jolly
Recipe added: 10/27/98

This beer came out exactly as I hoped. Rich red in colour with a lasting head, good hop aroma and bitterness from the cahallenger hops and a malty biscuity taste from the amber malt. The use of Fullers yeast (something I never thought I could get my hands on) gave the beer that unique fullers flavour and it came out tasting pretty similar to Fullers 1847. The beer definately improved with age and the malty flavour came through on the finish after the lovely hop flavour of the first mouthful. All in all a great success which I felt I must share with other as I drank most of the beer myself.


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 3 imp. gallons
Starting Gravity:
Finishing Gravity: 7-8% ABV
Time in Boil: 1hour 45mins
Primary Fermentation: 1 week
Secondary Fermentation: 1 month
Additional Fermentation: bottle conditioned



Boil Water to remove any chalk (I lived in a high chalk area when I made this beer). Then add burtonisation salts. Allow to cool and stand for a day. I use a single step infusion mash using an insulated mash tun and grain bag. 3 gallons mash liquor 74c strike heat 66c mash temp mash time 1.5 hours or until starch is converted sparge with 1 gallon at 75c before comencing boil boil for 1.5 hours with first lot of hops after 1.5 hours add second lot of hops and the irish moss after 1.75 hours turn off heat and add final hops and allow to steep for 0.5 hours (you should have 3 gallons of wort due to evaporation, if not make up with cold water strain wort and cool to 22c before pitching yeast Rack into a clean fermenting bin after 48 hours leaving behind as much 'sludge' as possible. ferment should be vigourous for the first couple of days and then should subside (large yeast cake floating on top of beer, lovely) when beer seems to have stopped fermenting rack into three 1 gallon jars fitted with airlocks (we call them Demi johns in England) and leave for a month. Bottle, prime each bottle with sugar at the rate of 1 teaspoons per 2pints (quart) leave for a month at least if you can, its worth it! Beer should be in the region of 7-8% alcahol by volume
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