Pascoe Vale Hefeweizen

Source: Warren White
Recipe added: 11/25/98

First time I have made a weizen - Eric Warner's German Wheat Beer book was invaluable and highly recommended! This was my best beer yet! Trick to this one was racking the wort of the trub I think. Cheers!


Recipe type: Partial Mash
Batch Size: 6 Gallons
Starting Gravity: 1055
Finishing Gravity: 1015
Time in Boil: 90 mins
Primary Fermentation: 9 days at 21c
Secondary Fermentation: 3 weeks at 5c



Roughly used Eric Warner's - Isar Weizen recipe Grains added to 55c water 30 min protein rest Pulled a decoction 1/3 mash and heated to 70c for 30 mins then heated to boiling - boiled decoction for 40mins. Added back to mash to raise temperature to 65c and then heated to 70c for starch conversion. Mashed out then Sparged with 6Lts. 75c water Boiled wort for 90mins. Then pitched yeast at 25c and fermented.
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