Fetchez la Bock!

Source: Brett McQuade
Recipe added: 01/23/99
Email: mcquadeb@usfilter.com

This was my first attempt at a Christmas Bock. It turned out pretty good. I can't really taste the ginger or orange peel, but the cloves and allspice really come through strong. Overall, a pretty good holiday brew.


Recipe type: Partial Mash
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.069
Finishing Gravity: 1.022
Time in Boil: 1 hour
Primary Fermentation: 1 month in glass at 50 degrees F
Secondary Fermentation: 1 month in glass at 40 degrees F



Steep the grains for about an hour in 5/8 gallon of water. Add the juice to the boiling kettle. Once boiling, add the honey, extract and all of the hops. Reserve 2 tsp. of the spice mixture for use in secondary. Throw the rest in the kettle after 30 minutes. Chuck in the moss with 15 minutes left. Cool down and place in fermenter. I recommend using a yeast starter with this recipe because of the somewhat high OG. Place the fermenter in a temperature controlled environment (old refrigerator w/ a temperature controller). Rack to secondary when a good sediment layer forms, add the last 2 tsp of spice mixture and drop the temperature again. Bottle and enjoy!
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