Jeff's X-Beer

Source: Jeff Huber
Recipe added: 02/09/99

I was kinda surprised about this one. I still consider myself a novice, so every good batch is quite a thrill, not to mention a reason to imbibe heavily. I've done well w/ the darker varieties (brown ales, porters, etc.), as well as the "girly" beers (raspberry-honey-wheat was one of my wife's favorites). However, I am a Red-Hook ESB fanatic, and I still cannot come up with something that satisfies quite like an ESB, even when I follow the various recipes on Cat's Meow, etc. This was something I came up with one day just to try something different,which was "snappy", unlike the porters and brown ales, but not so effervescient (sp?) like the chick beers. Actually, I'm pretty happy with this. Good flavor, easy to drink, and gives a decent buzz without feeling like you've eaten a side of beef like some of those heavy beers. Hey you more experienced brewers out there - I'm still looking for ways to improve on a snappy, somewhat hoppy, recreational-drinking-type beer.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5 gals
Starting Gravity: 1.050
Finishing Gravity: 1.018
Time in Boil: 60 min
Primary Fermentation:



You know the drill - steep the grain for about 30 minutes. Drink beer while you do this. Basically, after the steeping, boil the wort just like you did as a beginner (I still am, I think). I pitched at 77 degF. See comments.
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