Deutchland "Feed Trough" Ale

Source: John Thomasson, Aledo, TX
Recipe added: 02/12/99

I first brewed this beer on complete impulse using only what ingredients I had laying around. No plan, no recipe. After 3 weeks bottle conditioning and 2 weeks lagering to drop bright, I tried one and was quite disappointed. Although hop bitterness, flavor and aroma were there, the malt was quite subdued and the beer seemed rather thin. What did I expect using only 7 lb. malt for 5.5 gallons of beer? I should mention that at the time, I was enjoying an Oktoberfest and a Dunkel on draft, both of which were decoction mashed and were fairly big beers. I lagered another 2 weeks before trying another one. This time, I grabbed one to have with dinner. Although the characteristics of the beer had not changed much for better or worse, I quickly realized that this beer was outstanding with food! Very dry, non-satiating due to the lightness of body and a very clean, smooth bitterness from the Hallertauer. Even the hop aroma seemed to be just right. Just enough amber color and malt flavor (from the Munich) to be interesting. Very enjoyable when consumed with a meal. Of course, this beer does not adhere to the guidelines of any style I am familiar with, and don't claim it as such. I named this because its good with food and the ingredients used - Durst malts, German Hallertauer and Wyeast #1007. I will make this again and with no changes. Now, I wouldn't want this to be the only beer I had around the house, but as I said, it is *very* good when consumed with food. It also makes a fair "session" beer at 3% ABV. Specifics: ABV: 3.0% Color: ~12 SRM (about like Bass) IBU: 47 (I use hop bags, reduced utilization not accounted for - about as bitter as Bass) Wort vol @ end of boil: 5.5 gallons Wort left in kettle: 1 quart Wort left in primary: 1 quart Volume finished beer: 5 gallons


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5.5 gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.036
Finishing Gravity: 1.008
Time in Boil: 90 minutes
Primary Fermentation: 1 week @ 65F
Secondary Fermentation: 2 weeks @ 60F
Additional Fermentation: lager 2 weeks @ 32F



Mash in @ 140F using 1 qt/lb liquor. Rest for 15-20 min and raise temp to 151F. Hold for 90 min checking temp every 20 min, boosting if necessary. Raise to 168F to mash out and hold for 10 min. Sparge with enough liquor to yield 5.5 gallons at the end of a 90 minute boil. Add hops according to schedule and rehydrated Irish moss 15 min before knockout. Force chill and rack to a 6 gallon carboy. Pitch a good volume of #1007 slurry. Aerate and attach blow off hose (1007 foams a lot!). Ferment 1 week at 65F. Transfer to 5 gallon carboy and ferment another 2 weeks. Prime with corn sugar and bottle. Condition at room temp for 3 weeks, lager at 32F for 2 weeks. Imbibe.
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