St. Nick's Slick Christmas Lager

Source: Drew Avis
Recipe added: 02/03/97

Very smooth, golden lager with a malty sweetness despite the maltose. Fermented surprisingly fast, and was terrific within 4 weeks of starting. I had a constant temp of about ~45 which probably really smoothed out the beer.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 23 l
Starting Gravity: 1045
Finishing Gravity: 1005
Time in Boil: 60 min
Primary Fermentation: 8 days
Secondary Fermentation: 11 days
Additional Fermentation: 2 weeks



Boil for 60 minutes, adding 25gr hops at the 20 min mark, and 25gr for the last minute. Strain, cool, and transfer to primary. Add water up to 23l. I didn't use a starter with this yeast, and it worked great, but a starter might improve performance even more. My fermentation was at ~45 because of a cold snap. Worked great. After the fermentation was complete, the temp dropped even lower, and the beer turned crystal clear.
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