NA Pale ALe

Source: Tim Neall
Recipe added: 07/31/99

This is my first attempt at making a low alcohol beer. I've calculated the alcohol to be about 1.14%. It is not to bad, but has a slightly cooked taste to it. The hopping is quite assertive and the malt character is not what I would have hoped it to be. It does have a nice color, albeit slightly cloudy, and great head retention. If I ever try it again, I'll try making a normal batch and then simmering at 170 degrees or so to get rid of the alcohol. Drinkable, but not perfect. Certainly better than some of the commercial NAs.


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.054
Finishing Gravity: 1.017
Time in Boil: 50 minutes
Primary Fermentation: 5 days



Step mash grains using 50-60-70-77 mash schedule. Spend 30 minutes at each step except for mash out, which is 10 minutes long. Sparge with 5 gallons of water. Collect liquor in a kettle and bring to a boil. Boil for 5-15 minutes. Cool and pitch yeast. Ferment to completion. Siphon off yeast and collect in kettle. Bring to boil and follow hopping schedule. Keg and force carbonate.
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