Sweet Summer Ale

Source: Gordon Smith
Recipe added: 08/24/99
Email: gordon@ismi.net

I have been homebrewing for around five years and this just might be the best beer I have ever made! It has a light character with a deep golden color. The Wyeast 1272 gives it a subtle fruiter quality.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.040
Finishing Gravity: 1.010
Time in Boil: 45 minutes
Primary Fermentation: Appox. 3 weeks



1. Add Crystal malt to 2 gallons of cold water and bring to boil. 2. Remove Crystal malt when boiling begins. 3. When water comes to a boil, add; malt extract, dried malt extract, willamette hops (in cheese cloth bag prefferable) and gypsum. 4. Let boil from 35 - 45 minutes. 5. With approx. 5-10 minutes left in the boil add the Saaz hops in cheese cloth bag. 6. After the wort has cooled add to a 5 gallon carboy containing 3 gallons of water. Make sure you top it off to the 5 gallon mark. 7. Check the temperature of the wort and pitch the yeast when it is a approx. room temperature. 8. The beer will take about 3 weeks to ferment.
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