Better than Anchor Steam

Source: Charles Somerdyk
Recipe added: 02/04/97

This recipe produces a great tasting steam beer that has beaten Anchor Steam in all the blind tastings that I've submitted it to. There is a great balance between bitter and sweet, an excellent nose and an appealing bronze color to this brew. I believe that the long secondary fermentation is a major contributor to the flavor. I am also convinced that the use of Alexander's Pale ME is an important flavor contributor and that the use of DME produces a nicer finish than dextrose.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5 US gal
Starting Gravity: 1.046
Finishing Gravity: 1.014
Time in Boil: 1 hr
Primary Fermentation: 8 days
Secondary Fermentation: 17 days



Put grains into grain bag in 2.75 gals of cold water. Remove grains just prior to the boil. Add ME at boil, making certain to stir to avoid burning. Wait 15 minutes after the wort returns to boil before adding hops. Add hops per the following schedule: 1.0 oz No. Brewer (~8.8% AAU)for 45 minutes .5 oz No. Brewer for 30 minutes .5 oz No. Brewer for 15 minutes 1.0 oz Cascade (~5.5% AAU)for 15 minutes* .5 oz Cascade for 5 minutes This schedule will yield IBU's in the 42 range. * add Irish Moss at this time Cool immediately after boiling and rack to sanitized fermenter filled with approx. 2.5 gals of cold water. Pitch yeast and ferment at room temperature degrees for approx. 8 days then rack to secondary fermenter for approximately 17 days. Prime with 2 cups extra pale DME (not dextrose) at bottling, beer will be drinkable after 2 weeks but will continue to improve in the bottle for several weeks.
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