Calebs Creek Dortmunder Export

Source: Ricky Sheaves
Recipe added: 11/05/99

This beer is all about the decoction mash, in my opinion. I don't have access to good European malts in my area, so this surely helps achieve the necessary malt profile in my case. This one weighs in @ around 5.7% ABV, 24 IBU, and 4.2 SRM; a strong, golden-coloured, well-balanced beer!


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5.5
Starting Gravity: 1.054
Finishing Gravity: 1.013
Time in Boil: 60 minutes
Primary Fermentation: 23 days
Secondary Fermentation: 30 days



Double decoction mash: dough-in @ 127F for 20 minutes. Pull 1/3 of mash, heat to 158F and rest for 20 minutes. Raise heat and boil for 30 minutes. Add back to reach temp of 147F and rest 30 minutes. Pull 1/4 of mash and boil for 30 minutes. Add back to reach temp of 158F and rest until conversion is complete. 60 minute boil. Ferment @ 50F. Lager @ 34F for three weeks (or more.) Keg with 1/4 cup oak chips and serve @ 45F.
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