Colorado Extraordinary

Source: Sean O'Connell
Recipe added: 02/06/97

After more than 3 months in cold conditioned bottles, the beer is the most crystal clear beer I have made.


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 11
Starting Gravity: 1.053
Finishing Gravity: 1.012
Time in Boil:
Primary Fermentation: Glass at 68 degrees F, one week
Secondary Fermentation: Glass at 68 degrees F, two weeks
Additional Fermentation: Cold conditioned, 45 degrees F, in bottle for 2.5 months +



Week prior to brewing made crystal malt. Took 3.5 lb of American 2-row and soaked in De-ionized water for 24 hours. Placed 1.5 lb. in cake pan, raised temp in oven to allow grain temp to remain constant at 150 F for 60 min. Raised temp of grains to 170 F, held for 30 min. Removed grain from oven and spread thin on cookie sheet to dry. Placed 1 lb. in bread pan, performed same steps as stated above except temp was raised again to 350 F and grains were roasted for 45 min. Removed grains and placed on cookie sheet to dry. Placed last 1 lb. in bread pan, performed same procedure as above only held for an additional 45 min. (total of 1.5 hours) at 350 F. Removed from oven and allowed grains to dry. Grain was drying to slowly, so used dehydrator to dry them out. This worked amazingly well. Started Wyeast #2112: California Lager yeast with 1/2 cup of ex-light DME to one pint of water. Let set for 24 hours prior to pitching. Added 2 tsp gypsum to mash strike water. Single step infusion mash: added 6.5 gallons of 165 F. Stabilized at 150 F for 1.5 hours. Sparged with 10 gallons of 190 F water for 60 min. Fermented in glass. Primary for 1 week. Secondary for 2 weeks at room temp. (approx. 68 F). Conditioned in bottle @ approx. 45 F for 2.5 months. Bottled 5 gallons, 11/11/96, with 1 c. plus 3 tbsp. ex-light Munton's DME. Bottled 5 gallons, 11/17/96, with 1 c. plus 2 tbsp. ex-light Munton's DME.
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