Chocolate Cinnamon Espresso Porter [Christmas Porter]

Source: Caesar Jordaan
Recipe added: 11/23/99

This brew needs at least 6 months bottle ageing and continues to improve after that.It resembles a cross between a dry coffee liqueur and a dry stout. Perfect for cold winter nights!


Recipe type: Partial Mash
Batch Size: 23 litres
Starting Gravity: 1.090
Finishing Gravity: 1.021
Time in Boil: 60min
Primary Fermentation: 3 days in oversize primary @72 F
Secondary Fermentation: 18 days @ 65 F



70 g [2 1/2 oz] Northern Brewer hops full boil 1 tsp gypsum 1 tsp Irish moss Toast flaked barley for 30 min @ 350 F.Infusion mash all grains for 1 hr @150F. Sparge with 170 F water into boiling pot.Add hops and boil 1 hr. Add adjuncts in last 5 min of boil only. Take care when adding the cocoa not to boil over!Cool to pitching temp. Pitch yeast at high krauzen.Allow a larger headspace than normal .
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