Stock's Outer Darkness Stout

Source: Jason Stock
Recipe added: 03/04/00

This is a thick, rich and chocolatey stout! This stuff is black as night and very opaque. I held a glass of it up to the sun at about 2pm one afternoon and could not see any light penetrating it! Be careful, this sucker blew the lid off of my plastic fermenter..what a mess! Ferment cool if you can. It tended to be a little sweet when young..but that got better with age. I'll probably cut back the lactose a little when I make this again.


Recipe type: Partial Mash
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.070
Finishing Gravity: 1.030
Time in Boil: 60 minutes
Primary Fermentation: 1 week in plastic
Secondary Fermentation: 1 week in plastic



Mixed grains with 2.3 gallons at 155 degrees for 30 min. Rinsed with .7 gallons 160 degree water. Added malt extracts. Brought to boil. Added all hops. Boiled 45 min. Added lactose. Cooled. Pitched yeast.
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