Black Dane Pale Ale

Source: Robert Lanctot
Recipe added: 04/15/00

At first I thought this beer was going to be too bitter, but a few more weeks in the bottle has done it a lot of good. Quite malty and has very persistant (not excessive) carbonation with a very lacy head. I had problems with my boil, and I wonder how much of the final beer character is owed to this. It may be hard to duplicate - but duplicate I will try! Definately my best beer to date.


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5 Imp. Gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.053
Finishing Gravity: 1.014
Time in Boil: 60 min
Primary Fermentation: 10 days (Single Stage Fermentation)
Secondary Fermentation: None
Additional Fermentation: Bottle Conditioned



Added all grains (cracked with mill) to 11 liters of water, along with the gypsum and cornstarch. Water was at 54'C. Addition of grains, etc, brought mix to 49 - 50'C. Held here for 30 min for protein rest. Added boiling water to bring mix to 66 - 67'C. Held for 15 min. Added boiling water to bring mix to 70'C and held for 15 min. Did iodine test for starch conversion, and it proved complete. Lautered and sparged with 77'C water. Stopped sparge @ 1.013 SG as pot was full! (Did not monitor ph.) Added brown sugar to wort, and added Northern Brewer and Willamette hops. This was my first attempt to use my brand new 6 gallon brewpot (I used to divide the wort into separate smaller pots) My electric stove started acting scary, so I divided the wort into two pots and added the hops to the smaller pot. Switched hops between pots a couple of times, but the larger pot never did actually boil. Hops spent the most time in the boiling pot (boiled very vigorously.) Boiled for 40 min, added Cascade hops for flavour and continued to boil for 20 more min. Added Hallertaur hops for aroma and steeped for 3 - 4 min. Cooled in wort chiller - final temp was 23 - 24'C. Meanwhile, re-hydrated the yeast for ~20 min in water cooled from boiling to 36'C. Pitched the yeast into the water at this temp, then cooled to 26'C and pitched into the cooled wort. The carboy was a bit short, so had to top up with ~1/2 to 3/4 gallons of water. Fermented in carboy for 10 days and bottled with 1 cup of corn sugar for carbonation.
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