Bucky's Gingered Ale

Source: Bob Davis
Recipe added: 04/29/00
Email: scabrewer@juno.com

Hops are almost undetectable, whether flavor or aroma. Some hop bitterness is found, but most perceived bitterness comes from the ginger. Powerful ginger aroma and flavor, balanced somewhat by the Crystal malt. Chocolate malt was added for color; try cutting down on the chocolate malt to remove some of that flavor. Finishes quite dry; appropriate for the end of a summer's day (if you don't like hefeweissen). Cheers!


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5
Starting Gravity: 1.052
Finishing Gravity: 1.013
Time in Boil: 1 hour
Primary Fermentation: 1 week
Secondary Fermentation: 2 weeks
Additional Fermentation: 3 weeks in the bottles



Steep the cracked grains in cold water. Add heat, bring to a boil. Remove grains when boil commences. Remove from heat; add extracts and boiling hops. Return to heat and bring to a nice, rolling boil. After 45 minutes, add the grated ginger. With 3 minutes left to go, add the finishing hops. Sparge & cool to your primary (the use of whole hops makes a great trub filter), and pitch slurry when good fermenting temp is reached. Bottle with 1.25 cups DME after 2 weeks in the secondary, and condition to complete carbonation.
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