Rasberry Cyser

Source: Brian Koenig
Recipe added: 07/04/00
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This tastes a lot like champagne after it has aged properly. The raspberry flavor is light but pleasant. When it is young, it has a strong alcohol flavor, but this mellows nicely with age. Just don't drink it too soon.


Recipe type: Other
Batch Size: 2 gallons
Starting Gravity: ?
Finishing Gravity: ??
Time in Boil: don't boil!!!!
Primary Fermentation: 1week or until krausen falls
Secondary Fermentation: until clear
Additional Fermentation: may need to be racked a 3rd time to remove sediment



First of all, don't boil the honey or juice! This drives off the flavor and aroma. Just thoroughly sanitize everything that comes into contact with the ingredients, and make sure your fermentation takes off quickly. I add the raspberries in the primary, but you may get more aroma if they are added to the secondary. I have also tried using Wyeast, but for cider I like the Munton's better since it starts faster. It is a very aggresive yeast, and the fermentation is extremely violent. Bulk prime with 1/2 cup of corn sugar. Let it age 5-6 months in the bottle.
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