Unemployed Lager

Source: dan raphael
Recipe added: 07/08/00
Email: raphael@aracnet.com

Not sure if this is the right category. this is a lager for northwest microbrew drinkers. i thin its approaching the blance of lager crispness, malt a little complex, and enough hops to notice. the name is coz i live i oregon and favor the saving of old growth timber. so you cna sya someting positve about an unemployed lager.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 6 gal
Starting Gravity: .048
Finishing Gravity: .014
Time in Boil: 1 hr
Primary Fermentation: 5 weeks



crack grains, boil for 3 minutes, let sit for 10 bfore straining. add malt, sugar and hops, bring to boil. After 45 minutes add flabor hops. at 1 hr add aroma hops, turn off het &let sit 5 minutes. strain and sparge, ad eyast when cool enough. let sit at ale temps for first week, then get it into the basement and colder
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