Source: Marc Rehfuss
Recipe added: 10/13/00
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Tasting: After 2 weeks in the bottle at 65 degrees it's absolutely delicious. Best beer I've done! Great hop bitterness, flavor and aroma, w/ a medium body and maltiness. GREAT head retention all the way to the last sip. If it's this good after only 2 weeks, oh man... 76 IBU via Tinseth. Just shy of a copper color. Beautiful. I'm happy.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5
Starting Gravity: 1.072
Finishing Gravity: 1.018
Time in Boil: 60 minutes
Primary Fermentation: 6 days at 66 degrees in glass
Secondary Fermentation: 9 days at 66 degrees in glass
Additional Fermentation: conditioning in bottle



Grains were "mini mashed" at 152deg for 60 minutes in loosely tied muslim bags in 1.5 gals of water. One tsp gypsum was added during the mash, and one when the boil commenced. ~1.5 gals of 165deg water was used to sparge the grains. of water. The total initial boil vol. was 3.5 gallons. 1 oz. Yakima Magnum 60 min. boil, 1 oz. Yakima Magnum 30 min. boil, 1 oz Crystal + 1 oz. Kent Goldings 15 min. boil, 1 oz. Crystal 10 min. boil, 1 oz. Crystal + 1 oz. Willamette 5 min. boil, 1 oz. Crystal last min. Whole crystal flowers were used for dry-hopping in the secondary.
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