long winters nabpster

Source: scott oliver
Recipe added: 12/18/00
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yielded 15 pints and a case of 12's. after 4 days in the bottle the head was prime, the taste was smooth with a slight finish and delicious aftertones. trying to save some for a friend who can't seem to get it right after spending $50 on his batch.


Recipe type: Other
Batch Size: 5 std. gallons
Starting Gravity: lazy
Finishing Gravity: 6-7%
Time in Boil: 65min?
Primary Fermentation: 5 days @62-64farenheit
Secondary Fermentation: na
Additional Fermentation: bottle conditioned



drink beer, reactivate yeast, wait a day and half. steep cracked malt for 1/2 hour @ 160 farenheit. bring to boil and add malt extract, honey and 1/2 oz. of each hop. continue boil for 50 min then add remainder of fuggles and williamette hops. At completion of boil add rest of kent-goldings hops. pitch wort @ 80 farenheit with nabbed yeast.
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