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Source: Robert Townsend
Recipe added: 12/31/00
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Hard or Soft Red Winter wheat can be purchased at your local seed company. I purchased mine from a farmer for $6.00/50#. Local Coop's carry cleaned fresh seed.


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5 Gallons US
Starting Gravity:
Finishing Gravity:
Time in Boil: 60 min.
Primary Fermentation: 14 days
Secondary Fermentation: 14 days



Crack barley and combine with wheat in a single step infusion mash at high end 158 deg. for 90 minutes. Use iodine test to insure full conversion. Sparge with 170 deg. water to make 5 gallons. Add candie sugar and EK Goldings and boil for 45 min. Add Saaz and boil an additional 15 minutes. Remove from heat and add oats(in grain bag),Curacao and corriander to steep for 30 minutes. Remove oat bag, chill and ferment. Bottle condition 4 weeks.
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