Bully Scottish 80 Ver 2.0

Source: Tom MEier
Recipe added: 05/18/01
Email: meier73@n0_$p@m.home.com

I started this recipe based on last years AHA NHC Scottish gold medal recipe, which I found to be not close to Belhaven's Scottish Ale, and I am trying to zero in on that Belhaven taste. Thick and chewy. You could cut this beer with a knife. Creamy head that just won't die. This is truly liquid bread. Ended up a little too fruity and yeasty. I used a "pitchable" tube that took 54 hours to get any visible activity, so I might have gotten some residual surface contamination from the previous beer I made, a Bavarian Weizen. Therefore, I cannot comment on the subtle differences in flavor from my previous attempt, but I am definitely going to cut out the munich, its too much, especially after boiling down the first runnings. Next recipe will have some roasted barley, but I will definitely boil the first runnings again. It seems to create that scottish flavor. Hops were not enough to support the 1.012 final gravity. Flavor hops were well below Belhaven's. Would suggest going with .75 oz @ 15 min.


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5
Starting Gravity: 1.060
Finishing Gravity: 1.012
Time in Boil: 60
Primary Fermentation: 60 deg F



Mash at 152 deg F. Take 1.5 Qt of 1st runnings, boil down to 0.75 qts, add back to boil.
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