Lao Tsu's Green Tea Braggot

Source: Steven Sanders
Recipe added: 05/21/01

Really good. Has various fruit aromas from the tea. Havent found a person yet who doesnt love it.. Im having to increase the batch size to 10 gallons to make up for demand...


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Starting Gravity: n/a
Finishing Gravity: n/a
Time in Boil: 30min pasteurization
Primary Fermentation: One week
Secondary Fermentation: 3 months



Used local (Kansas City) tap water, boiled h2o 30 minutes to drive off chlorine, steeped entire box of tea bags 20 minutes, mix in honey and wheat malt, pasteurize 30 minutes. Cool w/ chiller, Aerate, pitch 2 packages of rehydrated Nottingham Ale yeast. Ferment ~3 months or till clear,(I guesstimated..) keg or bottle.
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