About Cats Meow

Welcome to the World Wide Web version of the Cats Meow!

About the Cats Meow

This cat is now a web-walking cat.

Recipes in this collection are compiled from a variety of online sources, including Homebrew Digest, the rec.crafts.brewing newsgroup, the Mead Lovers Digest, the Cider Digest, and from other forums. The original posting author is always listed in every recipe and any question about how the recipe was made or how the beer turned out should be referred to the author.

We assume that anyone using this collection of recipes has a fundamental knowledge of brewing. Each recipe is identified as to whether it is an extract or an all-grain recipe. All-grain recipes are intended for advanced brewers. If you are a first time homebrewer and are trying to learn how to brew, you can get some good ideas for recipes here, but for instructions and hand-holding, see John Palmer's guide for first time brewers.

How to Use Cat's Meow

There are several ways to find recipes that you might want to brew. You can: