Using the Brita Filter for Homebrewing

by David Muzidal and Ian Smiley

posted to rec.crafts.brewing, 3/4/96

A few months ago I asked for information regarding using a Brita water filter to treat brewing water. There were very few responses, and since that time fellow R.C.B. reader Ian Smiley and I have been experimenting with this very subject. Below is what we were able to gather about the Brita filter from the product literature, from talking with Brita and from actual hands-on use in our brewing sessions. We initialy bought the Brita filters to remove chloramines from our water, but found out that the Brita filter removes much more than that. We hope you find this information useful!

All in all, I would say the Brita filter is an excellent water treatment system for any homebrewer who has a less-than-ideal source of brewing water and who is prepared to take pH measurements and make mineral adjustments with various water salts. - Ian (Ottawa, ON)

The Brita filter is a low-cost, low-flow unit that produces fairly high quality water (at least from my tap water). Partial mashes using pale two row and Brita water resulted in a mash pH of ~4.9. I feel that the Brita filter is best used as a supplemental water treatment system (given the flow restrictions and ion content of the filtered water), but can be used to treat all of the brewing water. - David (Plano, TX)

Many thanks to A.J. deLange for his chemistry help!

David Muzidal,
Ian Smiley,